Saturday, 17 December 2011

Edward Bess Quad Royale in South of France: Some French Glowing

After reading some glowing reviews and seeing some glowing swatches from  beauty-blogger Sabina from thebeautylookbook I decided to buy my 3rd Edward Bess.

My first one was brilliant: I bought his eyeshadow in Intimate and it has been the perfect subtle shade.

My second purchase was the creamy foundation, but I was not too fond of it. One of the other beauty-blogger girls explained that Bess tested (and formulated) the products for himself, and looking at his perfect previously model-face I recon that he probably doesn't have too many flaws to cover, unlike yours truely...

Well, I liked his eyeshadows and I know foundations are so difficult to formulate for a larger public in mind, so I was really curious about the blush/highlighter hybrid. I always head straight towards hybrid blush/highligher/bronzer products, especially from Niche brands such as Edward Bess.

Not that I have a lack of it...teeeheee...

What I already like about it without seeing/swatching it, are the ingredients. There are some beneficial ingredients inside, such as cumcumber fruit extract, lemon peel extract and the soothing Calendula flower.

Ofcourse, it isn't a natural/organic brand, so it isn't all daisies etc inside (mineral oil) but still I like the fact that there is some soothing Calendula included.

The case is a smooth, black plastic with the Edward Bess initials in a sleek font printed in the middle:

It was so hard to make good pictures the last couple of days. I recon that sunny California where Sabrina lives is a lot better. And where does überswatcher KarlaSugar lives? She always has good light!

The palette itself has 4 colours, an standard-paletty brush and a mirror:

I will show the colours in the next order of numbers from top left to right, continuing to bottom left to right:

I couldn't capture all colours in one row, so I will show you some different ones:


Skipped no 1: The different light shows the shimmer/somewhat metallic glow of the colours better:

All together in a row:

I can see that this palette looks quite differently on cooler NW20 something skin than Sabrina's warmer skintone (Chanel Perfect lumiere beige 30). However, I like the way it gives me a somewhat mauvy glow in the mix.

The bronzer colour (no 3) has some rose/mauvy colour and is the most pigmented. In my opinion, this should have been the bigger size. I think this shade is quite unique and really fits me so I would buy a large size blush of that colour alone. It would suit as an eyecolour shade as well.

Knowing me, I am not too sure how the shimmer lights up in some light, but when I see it blended in the mix on the 3 different pictures, I can see no hint of obvious shimmer, just a light and lovely pink/mauvy based hue.

So is it a blush or a highlighter? I would say it is a hybrid I will put a little larger on my cheekbones with my blush slightly under it and somewhat blended together in the middle.

Overal, it is a beautiful product, I have lots of hybrid products but I like how it differs in the fact how it looks on me when having untanned skin. It looks really lovely on both warmer skintones (see Sabrina) and cooler skintones.

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Replica said...

I am very tempted but this, really helpful review, I might just have to get it now :)

Ti_Amo said...

Great review! Also, KarlaSugar lives in Texas!

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the post!! I need to check this out!!

PerilouslyPale said...

So gorgeous! I love the cool mauve quality to this so I have been tempted to order it. It happens to be sitting in my Zuneta cart as we speak!