Sunday, 20 November 2011

Review: Kanebo Kate Rouge HG in PK-17

Curiosity got the best of me, again.

Ok ok, I had been browsing through my well-extended lipstick wardrobe and rationalised the fact that I absolutely didn't need another one. But I loved the fact that Kanebo Kate had launched a new lipstick in their sleek black design...

I rationalised the purchase that it would be good for the blog and updating the other beauty/lip fanatics ;D and that I was quite curious too how the Kate one would cover/moisturize and feel on the lips.

When it arrived and unpacked: I loved the fact that it looks quite expensive and chic. The 'waves' on the tube make it original and easy to hold and the square shape is handy for preventing your lipstick rolling around everywhere.

The material is a metallic-kind and sturdy. I can see it surviving Birkie-usage for lots of months without losing its chic appearance.

Adambeauty gave the next description of the lipstick:

柔潤豐澤,持續潤飾双唇, 打造豐盈胞满的水感美唇.

Which google.translate translated into this:
The ultimate sense of water features lipstick.
Gentle Fortress, continuous polished lips, cell full of water to create a sense of abundance beauty lips

Yeh, the fun you can have with google translation, right? Anyway, the highlight in on 'water', so I rated it as a highly moisturizing lipstick.

In fact, it ís a highly moisturizing lipstick. For Japanese skincare afficionados: think Kanebo Lavshuca Moisture Melting Rouge (perhaps a tiny tad less moisturizing but só close). For the drugstore afficionados: think Dior Addict lipstick.

Sorry to have a irregular shape on the picture -> I made pictures before I used it, but they were rubbish, so I had to make them better after I used it:

So, you can already see it is a dewy lipstick from the picture.

On the skin:

It gives that lipbalm/gloss coloured hybrid that Dior Addict and Lavshuca moisture melt has as well. Polished and coloured enough but not really lipsticky.

The colour was more rosy and pink than I expected from the swatch online. It looks more nudish in that one:

Anyway, I am quite happy with this rosy lipstick. It offers the moisture I need in this winter. I often have to skip the heavy, opaque lipsticks because my lips do not feel that confortable in them and this is just lovely.


Affordable to cheap/medium for $13

A++. It looks so stylish with the waves and black metallic. Making it better and more resistant than the Lavshuca Moisture melt or even some departure store brands

A. A dewy consistency that feels lushious on the lips. Still, the Lavshuca moisture is a tiny bit more moisturizing.

More of a lipbalm/gloss coverage. But most Japanese lipsticks aim for a natural dewiness instead of the fully made up pout, so it is just what your goal is.

A stylish, hydrating lipstick that you can put on without having too much thoughts about it. I might buy some other colours in the future, perhaps the darker RS-10 one for a Berry-glossy mouth.

Purchased: I got it on

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Jamilla Camel said...

I really like these lippies! Glad you got one!