Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

The last couple of days had the official start of Summer. So, to keep things in colourful hues:

1. Crafting with the roses:

Someone asked me to post what I actually been crafting on. Well, I really want to make a romantic-inspired bracelet such like this one:
2. Looking for the perfect, confortable summershoes.

These are from Anniel, the Italian version of Repetto, who similarly started out as Ballet-shoes brands but upped their market for the non-ballet or ballet-aspiring crowd as well. I should visit a shop this week that retails these to try them out in real life because they look both cute and confortable.

3. Buying and sharing Pastel-hued macarons:

These are good for temporary friend-making potential, ;P...the effect might last longer than the macaron, or, based on the friendship-(un)match, as long as the macaron itself. But at least you have been sublimely coaching yourself into a more familiar and positive territory.

(Ps. that doesn't count when the person is sugar-intolerant/on-a-diet, or adverse to beautifully coloured macarons)

4. A beautifully bright lippy

'Nuff said...

How did you start of your summer, btw? And did the weather co-operate?


Jamilla Camel said... word: YUM!

Ashley said...

Spent my first day of summer indoors doing a midterm. Definitely not fun but at least I got to wear shorts & blind everyone with my paleness!