Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Kobuku Bath Powder (Little Twin Stars) & Bison Rosefull Bath Salt (Morocco)

Bathing is one of my favourite ways of winding down...

Blissfully, I am not alone among the fans of taking baths. Japanese culture has dedicated a whole cult around bathing and let's not forget the different kinds of ballistics from Lush. This is a plus for me because there will be more goods on the market that make bathing even a more hedonistic experience.

Although I must say that bathing is not simply for relaxation or hedonistic pleasure. Different types of baths are able to detoxify, induce sweating, for loosing weight, or stimulate. Lush lovers will know what I mean. And Japanese bathing experts even have more experience on the powers of baths when adding a specific ingredient to it.

So I added a couple of Japanese bath salts in my latest sasa order. They added a couple of newbies on their site which looked rather tempting to me. I once tried their sweat-inducing bathsalts, and yeh, although they were not bad, I prefer to sweat during exercise and not during bathing.

First, for the Kawaii factor: Kobuku Bath powder in Little Twin Stars:

This is what sasa has to say on the bath powder:

KOKUBO Bath Powder (Little Twin Stars) is a medicinal bath powder for babies whose skin is delicate to take a hot bath. The chlorine-free product contains oryzanol to moisturize skin.
Without any perfume and colourant, it is also suitable for adults who have sensitive skin.

For a medicated bath, I do find the bath salt to be rather fluorecent yellow.

It looks cute, though, but are these extra colorants beneficial for overreactive skin? Mmmm...

When I pour something in warm water, the proces looks like this:

It takes such a long time to dissolve, and it does not dissolve fully at all. Look at my wobbly red arrow I tried to draw (yeh) and see the film that stays on the water:

The water and powder is completely scentless, and it did not irritate me. But it did not add anything extra either, besides of the yellow colour and the film on the water.

Although cute for its packaging and fun yellow colour, I would not rebuy this one.

But if you want to, you can buy it over here for $ 2.20 on sasa.com

I had a more blissfull experience with Bison Rosefull Bath Salt in Morocco

This is what Sasa has to say about it:

Bison Rosefull Bath Salt (Morocco) is mineral salt-based. It is added with rose essence, a beautifying ingredient. It lets you moisturize your skin while bathing. Natural rose extracts include the hydrating ingredient of Provence rose, the firming ingredient of rosehip essence, and the moisturizing ingredient of wild rose essential oil.
Moroccan-style beautifying ingredients including Damask rose water, liquid yogurt and lactic acid.
  • Argania spinosa Kernel Oil, Germanium】hydrate.
  • 【Rosemary Leaf Extract】firms skin.
  • 【Capsicum Fruit Extract】an hot ingredient.

Wow, what a potion for the skin: bath salt, liquid yogurt, argan oil and lactic acid.

I already adore rose-scented products. I do not use it a lot in perfume because I might up smelling a bit too girly for my liking. Think: I wear one of those on-trend girl-meets-boy outfits and I smell like Marie Antoinette times three...not quite the match.

When wearing floaty dresses, absolutely, I pop on one of my rose-based samples I like.

But I like it when bathing at home or in a product for relaxation.

What I enjoy about this product is that it is more than just bath powder: see the salts in it!

I like taking baths with seasalts for detoxing and desensiting the skin. But honestly, they can be a bit boring scentwise. So, this combination has the pleasure of rose-scent and the perky colour of rose, AND the healing properties of bathing salts!

Here is the freshly added product in warm water: the salts are still on the bottom of the glass:

After a minute everything has dissolved and it looks like Tang or other lemonade:

Not the most natural colour, but there are no claims on the package that would say it is completely natural or suited for allergic prone people. I like the change of colour, and the rosy red is such a good match to its strongly but beautifully scented rose...

I felt really relaxed after bathing in this salt, and I believe the added yogurt/lactic acid and/or argan oil was also quite softening on my skin (compared to bathing in salts only).

Overall, it is love and I will rebuy this one. I still have a satchet of Bulgarian rose and French Rose to try, but this first one is absolutely delightful.

The Bison Rosefull Bath Salt in Morocco retails for $2.40 on sasa.com (link).

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