Monday, 14 March 2011

G-market haul, again

Meet the box in the forest!

No, our post office is not among the leprechauns and forest bunnies...Still, that would be funny, especially when I do not have to pay additional taxes (sight)

First, I purchases two blushers from an unknown brand called Diana. Actually, they are from Prorance, who is somewhat known in the Korean cosmetic branch.

I bought them for pure curiosity and the need to add a zillionth blush to my collection...make that two:

These two were under $10. They are not that pigmented, but I like the beige one for highlighting.

Where to find:
I found these here or The pink one is colour no. 2 and the Beige one is no. 3.

Clothes time: I wanted to have a lighter sweater for the transition towards spring. I saw this sweater modelled over here:

Cute, a sweater-dress!

I only wanted another colour, so I went for a mintgreen (what else?) and cream colour:

The sweater looks good in real life. Quality-wise, it is not top quality but still quite ok. It is roomy enough for my Western bone-structure, LOL.

I only find it to be a bit less vivid in colour than I expected it to be...

Where to find: or link here  

Just pick sweater 선택 : 로망스더블톤니트 and colour option 진베이지민트 (₩10,000)-

The original price is ₩7,900 ($ 7.24) but for most of the articles they charge an extra. Still, an original sweater for appoximately $17 is still a good deal.

Last, but not least...a cute purple bag to tote around...

So wonderful, they have these on sale for $5.91! And no extra fees for this particular number.

Look how it looks on the promotion pictures

And it looks pretty much the same in real life! Bonus!

No, it is not real leather, but it is a well-made faux version.

Where to find: or here

This is no. 222 and they have made it a bit easier for the non-Korean readers, so they put the colours in English at the end!

Such a wonderful haul.

No wonder I like gmarket: cheap, you can find original stuff, vivid promotion pictures, and they often deliver quite fast.


NicRTV (陳亞任) said...

wow...I wish I'm not a gmarket ignorant still....what a nice haul..I so love your new bag....

sweetkiss said...

i <3 gmarket. i just wish int'l shipping was a little cheaper T_T otherwise i would haul away xD

coffretgorge said...

nice picks to welcome spring babe! i like the sweater dress, simple and stylish :)

AnnaYJia said...

Great haul ! I love your new purple tote bag ! It's so lovely!