Thursday, 4 November 2010

trial and error: Mac Pro Blush in Cantaloupe

Isn't it funny how sometimes the slightest difference of colour makes the difference between looking good or looking off...?

Most us my readers will know this, because we are trained in seeing that little bit of difference between a mauvy nude or a nudish mauve colour.

For me, I had a new quest on the field of looking good. I often make the combination of a really subtle bronzer, and top up the cheeks with a bit of blush. I also noticed that a corally blush brings out the spark in my eyes.

So, logically I sought for a colour that would be
  1. matte, or at least without shimmer sparkles
Oh, that has to do with the fact that some 'sisters' (aka other girls or sometimes gay men) are so wonderfully nice (ahum) to comment me on my face when there is a sparkle on all know these girls, they are the smug times who always want to let you know that they are able to see you wearing makeup. Well, keep it for you, because I can see your makeup (or lack of it) as well.

Ok, so I know they might see my matte blush/bronzer hybrid as well, but at least I will not get that "owww, there is a sparkle on your cheek/lip/whatever" remark so fast

    2. A combination between a neutral brown and a coral colour.

I thought I would hit the jackpot with MAC blush in Cantaloupe.

It is a PRO blush, so I had to go the extra mile and go to the pro-shop in  Amsterdam (the city of doom...ha ha, well it is a boring city, people, especially when you are sober like me).

After being served by a subtly mean way by a male SA, * you so-called compliments that are actually meant as an insult * ("at least you have beautiful eyes" - hinting that the rest is total shit, "well, thank you, mr or ms Sales Assistant"), I sauntered off with my new blush/bronzer.

At least, I hoped that the trip to our 'city of boringness' Amsterdam would satisfy my craving for that hybrid product I described earlier.


I tried it on, and...oh dear....

I reminded myself of the colour my mum used to wear in the eighties.

Well, in the eighties that was a brilliant colour. She always wore the cream blush from Max Factor in an orangy colour. I think they still have that one!

And on her, it looked quite ok. She was that bottle blond (but a convincing bottle blonde that looked like a real one, my mum knew what she was doing!) look with that sunbed complexion. I know, sunbeds are EVIL, but those were the eighties and my mum thought there was nothing wrong with sunbeds. So, that bit of orangy bronzer cheek look looked good for her time, and her personality.

Anyway, that colour never looked good on me, and in its MAC pro powder blush, it still doesn't.

Let's compare with one of the most flattering coral blushes in my assortiment: My Jemma Kidd cream blush in Paw Paw (top of the picture)...The MAC Cantaloupe in beneath that...

top: Jemma Kidd Cheek Colour Paw Paw; Bottom: Mac Cantaloupe

You can even see the difference on my arm! It is that little bit of colour difference that makes me look
a. glowy and healthy (and a couple of years younger)
b. overtanned and aged, made up and unnatural.

Moral of the story:
I shouldnt' have strayed from you, Jemma Kidd Paw Paw!


Jennifer said...

sorry to hear it didn't work for you :( i was intending to check out Cantaloupe too :X guess i need to try it on face before buying it then!

hehe i always tell myself 'if it ain't broke, why fix it?' when i am thinking of buying new MU or skincare...but at the end i always caved in, haha

Pammy said...

Oh dear. You had to go all the way to a boring city for sober people and it was a disappointment. I hate it when that happens. At least you have trusty ol' pawpaw to brighten up your day. :)

Cinnabunnie said...

eeeek! hate those annoying. gosh
i hope u find good use of the blush! it looks so pretty in the pan...