Friday, 10 September 2010

You can't always get what you wanted, but when you finally can...

Sometimes you encounter a product online that is so hard to get, that only a trip to one of the bigger cities in the world could possibly satify your need to obtain that beauty.

My obsession:  Dolce & Gabbana makeup

Yes, the perfumes are available at every street-corner in my cute, little country. (well streetcorners, it is not that bad...however, every drugstore has probably something from D & G in their collection)

The powders, eyeshadows and lipsticks were only a fata morgana to me: visible online, but out of reach for my thirsty need for something so gorgeously packaged and decadently luxurious.

After a year of lusting and hunting ebay in a feeble attempt to snap up a palette (unable) I gave up hope of finding that oasis anytime soon.

But then....

There she is, My beauty....

(sorry about the quality again...It might be me, and not the camera. I will probably have to do a course of "how to photograph for blatantly-girly-girls-who-have-absolutely-no-feeling-for-technical-stuff-at-all")

The colour selection I picked...120 Mediterraneo!

Sorry chaps, I haven't even thought about swatching this beauty because I am absolutely enthralled that I finally got the palette.

I might stare for ages at the golden packaging before even opening it and looking at the colours! Let alone swatch them!

So, I will link you to one of my first beauty blog reads: the Makeupandbeautyblog by Karen and her post and swatches (here).

Still, one day I will feel like the Dolce & Gabbana Mediterraneo mood, and finally wear one or more of these colours.

Until then, I finally got my lust-have Dolce & Gabbana eyeshadow quad! Woooooot!

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Pammy said...

It really feels super awesome when you finally get your hands on something you've been wanting to have for the longest time. Great things come for those who wait. Haha! Enjoy your palette. Lucky you, D&G is everywhere.