Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Maquillage lasting Perfect Rouge RD 306

Since Shiseido Maquillage had lauched a new type of lipstick for 2010, and I am always interested in

a. Japanese lipsticks, especially from Maquillage
b. New and improved products (even though the improvement might not be the ultimate miracle product ever, I still stay curious)
c. ordering online (called shopping therapy...a type of therapy that can lead into other therapy-> that is undoing an online-shopping-addiction, he he...but hey, it helps every now and then!)
d. doing profound research for the blog (ha, what an excuse?...but wouldn't you use it too?)

result after a,b,c and d= I purchased yet another lipstick....

Maquillage actually launched two types of lipsticks, which they normally do: one of them is the sheer version and the other type is a colour version. Simply, the sheer version is...well...sheer and the colour has more pigment.

I opted for the colour version, because I already have a huge range of sheers that seem similar on my lips...at least to an untrained lipstick observer (normally men and other persons who are not really into lipstick and colour, as it all looks natural or "the same" to them...my boyfriend, in contrast, is quite sharp by seeing the lipstick....more that he does not like to kiss 'goop' of my lips)

Oh, I bought colour no RD 306, as it looked like a toned down peachy red on the picture I borrowed from the Maquillage website.

The colour is more a orangy peach in this picture, but it actually has a hint of pink in it as well. I am quite suprised that it is somewhat not in the RD Red category. Or, normally the Japanese lipstick makers will put a colour like this in the PK pink category.
picture in daylight, no direct sun

The colour is lovely and quite light, which is fine, only I really was counting on a reddish base. Plus, it has quite some microglitter that has the tendency to cluster together.

picture in direct sunlight

I do not consider this lipstick to be incredibly longlasting. I would actually say that it is quite shortlived.It provides an accurate amount of moisture, and it is an evolution far away from those dreadful longlasting lipsticks from the 90s (for the younger public...probably the ones your mother's used to wear) which were some superglue versions of lipsticks that would fade in a clownish manner. Still, these are not coming close to Maquillage superb launch of 2009 Maquillage Moisture Rouge Sheer Type and Colour Type.

Overall, even though it is a lovely colour and a good quality lipstick, I will not repurchase the Maquillage lasting Perfect Rouge again.  I simply prefer they Moisture Rouge Sheer and Colour over these.
More opinions and other colour swatches of these lipsticks can be seen at Rougedeluxe and Lotuspalace.


Citrine said...

Ha, I have gotten one of these as well (I picked a peachy-coral one from the sheer range) and boy that plastic packaging annoys me! It's like for 30 bucks can they at least use actual metal...(There are already 3 scratched on the tube consider I only brought it out once...)

Anyway, right now I am kind of interested in their matte line (just Shiseido, not Maquillage/MJ/Integrate)because one of the salmon shades looks really pretty...

miss wiggle said...

Thanks for the review. I still haven't tried a Maquillage lipstick yet! I'll be sure to check out the 2009 collection. :)

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

I have't tried any japanese lippy...so this review really helped.. ....Thanks

Old Cow said...

I put my hands up and admit, I am not a fan of Japanese lippies so far. I cannot find one that packs a pigmented punch right on my smoocher. I will try out soem ADDICTION when next I land in Japan though. I Have high hopes for that.

Thank you for the comment about our mums. *HUGS*. Mine would have been 54.

ning * star said...

the color is nice, but I've not try them though.

Anonymous said...

That's so tiny! But convenient when storeing things away, right? The colour is really pretty too :)