Saturday, 6 February 2010

New addiction: T-shirt shopping on gmarket

Lately I have found a new addiction that can keeps me glued to the gmarket site. And no, it is not makeup this time, although I still enjoy it. I am completely fascinated with the t-shirt collections available on gmarket.

What attracts me to these tshirts is that they look really quirky and modern. Somewhat I was so ignorant to think of Asian fashion as always cute and kawaii, which is really nice, but not for every single day. The tshirts I spotted on gmarket, often from Korean brands such as TheDada, are trendy and fun without being sugary sweet.

Another thing that I find interesting is that they are relatively cheap, compared when you buy these on the Dutch highstreet or online at or another British online store (who charge you between 25 euros ($30) or more for a trendy tshirt). Moreover, I have seen some designs I have not seen at the topshop site or at the highstreet...

On gmarket they are priced between $4.50 and $8.

How is their quality?
Well, until now I think they are of a adequate quality. Perhaps it depends on the brand of tshirt, but the one I bought has been thin enough for being a tshirt (LOL, if that makes sense) but thick enough for sturdiness. I washed it twice already, and it is still looking quite new.

I am a bit weird, because I bought a tshirt with a Dutch text on it...Why would I buy a tshirt from a Korean seller with a Dutch text on it? Honestly, Dutch language is not so hot in the country where they speak it. And assumingly, people from other countries will find it sounding 'exotic' or something...I do not know.

So, this tshirt says that it is a particular kind of paint for painting walls...


I think it is ok to say that I am bigger than the average Korean girl. Most of the shirts are sold in one size. On the Korean models the tshirts always look roomy, which translate on my body as a fit that is still loose, but fitted enough to see the shape of my curves. Again, look how the tshirts is draped around the model: if it is skintight, it will probably be a European size S. If they are draped loosely, they will be suitable for a L size.

Example of loosely fitted tshirt (which looks semi fitted on a British size 12/14, American size 10, Northern European size 40/42)

This one is not roomy at all...I do not think I would fit a tshirt like this:

How to order if you do not speak/write Korean:

I have to admit that ordering tshirts from gmarket are really complicated. The list of tshirt in one listing can be as long as 200 different kinds, in 5 different colours each!!! And now, how to pick the one you want?

One of my first techniques has been writing down the Korean characters corresponding with the Tshirt. I compare these with the long long list from choices you can make, and often I get a corresponding word.

It is an excellent way to learn a new language too, I noticed. I am already starting to recognize some Korean characters!!!

Only, the colours are often not written down. I have already accumulated a list of colours in Korean:

그레이 - grey
회색 - grey
오트밀 - oatmeal
핑크 pink
검정 - black
인디 - indigo
민트 - mint
연보라 - mauve
크림 - cream

The second thing, more easily, is to befriend gmarket on facebook (here)! You can post on their wall placing a link of the seller and the item you would like to have, and they respond quickly. For example, this was my post...

And yes, I added the tshirt to my cart for a future purchase. I am still waiting for the gmarket order I ordered a couple of days ago.

Shopping tshirts can keep you busy for quite a long time, so beware if you are addiction-prone and do not want to spend too much time staying glued behind the computer.... ;P


Claire Tan said...

I attempted to shop on Gmarket sometime last yr, but gave up after fumbling around for 2 hrs. LOL!

Thanks for tip though! :)


sweetkiss said...

Your Korean writing is sooo cute hehe

Just to clarify
연분홍 is more of a pale, light pink
and 핑크 is just pink

Even though Gmarket shirts are cute with the shipping it's too expensive for me to order unless family or friends are coming xD Most of the shirts don't fit me well either so I don't like ordering online in general xP

Jamilla Camel said...

I am glad that you've mastered the zen of GMarket!!

Very cute shirt, but I don't think that Koreans design for breasts!!