Sunday, 20 December 2009

Wintery cheeks with Illamasqua cream blush in Seduce

Winter has fully arrived where I live, which means a beautiful scenery of snowclad trees and meadows that look both nostalgic and romantic.

What looks pretty on nature does not always look pretty on humans. Well, some girls have the loveliness of flushing at the right places in the cold, which leaves them looking glowy and radiant.

I am not one of them...I develop redness at the weirdest and most unflattering spots. Rudolph has met his mate when eyeing me up...or he might even flee away from seeing me au naturelle. I look more like a gnome who has been swimming in a muddy lake and was bitten by hungry fish...
Therefore, I need more makeup to tone down the redness and rebellious skin.

Cover and foundation are one of my better friends when confronted with icy weather. The only downfall is looking a bit unnatural and covered up, which is the reason I prefer to wear a dewy, non-shimmery and reddish blush that mimics the 'just-from-the-cold'-look somewhat.

So here comes Seduce into play: Illamasqua cream blush in Seduce, that is.

The back of the compact has descriptions of how to use the cream blush. It is wonderful for that unmadeup look, and is also suitable for skin that has no foundation on. I would not use it over powder foundation or powder, as they often are better off with powder blush.

Seduce is described as a "Warm rose pink" on illamasqua's website. Although I consider it to be a pinkish rose, I would not describe it as warm. I would say it is more of a neutral rose.

In the next pictures, it almost looks rather cool.

It is almost a raspberry colour, only a bit more pink. The blended version is neutral indeed, whereas the unblended part looks like a cool light raspberry rose. I think it would look wonderful like a liptint colour as well, which can create a wonderfully balanced face (when using one product for both cheeks and lips).

It has no glimmer, glitter or glowy particles in it. It is glowy from the creamy texture, however, which makes it a 'no-makeup' makeup kind of product.

For durablity, you can top op the cream blush with a hint of translucent powder. That makes it look like more of a glow-from-inside than a applied blush.

Overal, it is a fantastic colour for those cheeks that mimic a winter-glow. For spring and summer, I would use Illamasqua's Dixie, a corally pink, which I have written about over here (scroll down the post).

Illamasqua is available at their own website, and


Jennifer said...

Wow illamasqua is so pigmented! their packaging looks stylish too!

I emailed you about the giveaway shipping details already :) in case you need to confirm, my email is: tryme.imtoxic(at)gmail(dot)com !

thanks so much :)


Computergirl said...

I like the look of that blush :) Thanks for sharing!
Emma :)

ning * star said...

i've never tried this brand yet, but i've see so many great respond of it from bloggers <3

Citrine said...

haha, right now I have two big diaper rash on each cheek as well, so I just ditch blusher alltogether.

NottyEvil said...

very strong cool tone rosy blush. have you ever tried blending cream blush with a brush/sponge with a light hand? i find it works better than using fingers on top of foundation ;)

sizbelle said...

i heart illamasqua blush, still can't get over my powder blush in lover... its so pigment, just a little last the whole day!

too bad Sg dun really get cold otherwise i would dump my blusher with those natural flushing..haha so for now i could only rely on blusher..

Anonymous said...

This looks great! I've only tried Illamasqua's powder blushes which are fantastic too. Now you've got me interested in the cream ones =)

Old Cow said...

neeed to try these too!! i am so cold.....cant type.

love you birkie!!

lilpil said...

love your review of them.
I just recently got around to trying them out and love Illamasqua cream blushes, they are a close second to the Becca ones IMHO.

I've reviewed Seduce, Dixie and rude on my blog as well

X Lilpil