Sunday, 4 October 2009

The name is Bond, Etude Bond...

Uhooh, I have been a bit absent lately and left my little bloggy alone.....

Actually, I have been away from my blog for more than a week...that is a record in my book. I am sorry for that, but I have been receiving too little thingies to post and personal life was not that brilliant either.

So I am a bit in need of a special agent who will lift me into better spirits.

Which brings me to Korean Cosmetics!...Etude House has been releasing a new line and it is called Code B.

So, we have a lady in charge...she is a feisty Asian lady who is not shy to use eyecatching makeup.

I really wanted it all, however, as I shy away from Gmarket lately (Customs at my country has been hunting on Gmarket packages too much', so it was hardly worth it anymore) I had to limit my choices.

And I wanted one of the eyeshadows the most.

Although I loved the natural colour scheme of all of them, I decided to go for the Khaki one, as I have had an ungoing love afair with a khaki MAC eyeshadow from one of their Limited Edition collections in 2005...I wanted a similar colour or a dupe...

So, the Code B gadget that I bought was an eyeshadow in colour 04 in Strong Khaki.

Mmm, the case looks a bit plastic and is not as girly as the usual form that Etude B has...I is a bit cheap-looking, IMO.

The content is of a better quality!!!! Ohh, I really love the buttery texture which makes it a perfect value! This colour is really similar to the MAC one, only a tad cooler.

Mission accomplished!

By the way, I bought the eyeshadow on ebay from a seller named ohalice on ebay.

Another fab discovery has been the Maquillage Alexander Wang lipstick and lipgloss collection. I have been buying the sample card on

I often buy sample cards, if they are available. Sample cards are a perfect way to discover the true colour of a lipstick or lipgloss.

Honestly, I love so many colours of this card...I have been loving the RS721 for its deeper glow on the mouth, and the tiny green shimmer. It is one of the Moisture Rouge Sheer types lipsticks.

The Moisture Rouge Colour On types are even more superior, as the deliver incredible moisture and a fantastically natural, but lip-enhancing quality.

RS305 looks quite dark on the card, but it is sheer enough to look natural and not heavily made up.

The PK 373 and PK 244 are more pigmented, however, the moisture quality and somewhat lipline smoothing ingredients makes the colour flow over the mouth. I especially love the PK 244 (middle colour) as it is my lips but 20 times better.

Overall, I have too much lemmings right now...I really want to buy a couple of the Maquillage Alexander Wang lipsticks I have on this chart...he he...How many lipsticks can a girl have?

Another blog will have its first birthday this month: How should I celebrate this milestone???


MiuMiu said...

i looove the maquillage perfect gloss.
etude seems to have some pretty cool themes for their makeup. that single eyeshadow case reminds me of the lavshuca blush cases XD

Emily said...

wah!! thats pretty awesome, etude house always has very lovely stuff, thanks for sharing about it!!

ooh and the lipstick lipgloss is great love the colors :D

ning * star said...

etude house new makeup line seems to be very eye catching! I'm wondering when it will release in M'sia . It has cream liner and lipstick as well... hehe. and also nail polish...
love your new layout!

Old Cow said...

ooooooooooooh this looks fab!!! you are pointing me back to gmarket arent you?

hmmmmmmm blog birthday?? party??

Jamilla Camel said...

That Gmarket is really dangerous! That Old Cow has introduced me to the pleasures of Korean online shopping!

The eye shadow is particularly gorgeous against your skin!

Blovet Beauty said...

ohh... wonder when they will be bringing that into singapore? I havent checked out EH for some time now.. the pigmentation of the eyeshadow is pretty gd

Blovet Beauty said...

ohh... wonder when they will be bringing that into singapore? I havent checked out EH for some time now.. the pigmentation of the eyeshadow is pretty gd

Angela said...

hey girl

personally im not a big fan of etude house products, but thanks for the post.

and btw, im a new follower and love your blog. hopefully you can check out mine too.

fuzkittie said...

Haha I like your caption to that first photo. Very interesting concept for this line...

M said...

that's a lovely e/s color!