Friday, 18 September 2009

still a little miss shop-a-bit!

After a bit of seriousness, I feel like writing something about the fun stuff in life again. And, most readers will agree, that is a bit of girly shopping time too.
I do not always shop for myself, he he, I am not that narcistic, and buying presents for other people can be fun too.
One of my latest purchases from etsy will be a present for a friend of mine. She enjoys quirky things a lot, just like I do. I purchased this upcycled tshirt necklace, made from old tshirts(!!!) so it is environmentally friendly too, from a seller named etnyk.
This necklace is a bit different from the ones being sold on a more common base (Urban Outfitters, etc) as it has those little velvet beads added to it. Plus, it is called Gypsy so it is a perfect present for my travel-loving friend of mine, who thinks of herself as a modern gypsy.
I also purchased a couple of things on nonpareilleboutique . Nonpareilleboutique has become quite a popular place for Dutch beautygirls to find their NYX (together with and I wondered how their customer service would be. So far, nothing to complain about their service.
One of the things I ordered was the NYX palette in Caviar and Champagne. I was afraid I ordered this too enthousiastically, because one of the most thorough beautybloggers, Pink Sith, found it to be lacking eyeshadow-power (post here).

Even though she is absolutely right that the eyeshadows lack consistency in colour depth and pigment and are somewhat on the sheer side, I still find some of them to be ok for me.

And being superficial...I love the name...Champagne and Caviar!

I also enjoy buying from mineral cosmetic companies every now and then, even though I downsized buying from them. Mineral foundations are still one of the most suitable for oversensitive skin, which mine oftenly is.

Often they also have good offers on samples of eyeshadows and blushes, which is ideally for the colour-addictive buyers like I can be. I can try a couple of newer colours, for example, experience with the returning 80s look, without breaking the bank on expensive eyeshadows had a wonderful discount on labor day with the code catshatework. I am not a cat, but I am not a workaholic either ;P. Their latest release of Taboo blush colours looked so workable (no pun intended) that I ordered most of the samples. I also picked some brighter eyeshadow colours from the Rainforest collection.

The names of the Taboo range are, of course, taboo inspired. Expect names like Dirty Talk, Nudity, Scandal, Fetish, Lust, Racy and Promiscuous....oh la la.

Besides of the provocative names, the colours look very promising and wearable in real life as well. Not scandalous at all . ;D

The Rainforest eyeshadows have rainforest-inspired names, such as piranha, boa, touchan, and poison dart frog. I picked a couple of neutral shades, and a couple of vivid colours for adding a bit of zest to my eyes.

That was a part of my shop-a-bit...I hope everyone will have a splendid weekend.


Citrine said...

That necklace is so thick...

I watched way too much Detective Conan as a kid and after seeing a few murder cases involving necklaces (like how a girl replaced necklace thread with piano string and use the high speed of roller coaster to behead a guy or another guy use the rising projection screen and hook them with the end of necklace to hang people...) now I am officially scared of wearing necklace of all kind...I don't even feel comfortable with a jade pendant dangled on a red thread when I sleep...

And this one looks thick enough to...*Shudders*

Dazzledust25 said...

I love the necklace, it's such a statement piece.
I know what you mean about the names of eye shadows. I once tested a lovely eye-shadow but didn't buy is because it was called 'slutty' haha.
Great post!
Amy x

ning * star said...

nice buy. I think the NYX palette color has really nice shade. Wow, a lot of pigment. I have difficulties using it... it tends to scatter all way round

Jamilla Camel said...

You WERE a busy little shopper!

I think the NYX shadows will look lovely on you!

jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) said...

i've never seen NYX released such neutral palette and it is surprisingly beautiful! I hope you like it. I'd wait for your review. :)

Thepunkcat said...

I've never tried anything NYX but that palette looks beautiful. Love the name too! hehe :)

Blovet Beauty said...

the runway palette looks gorgeous!