Sunday, 21 June 2009

the non-etsy ( order

Sunday sunday, it is the beginning of the summer for plenty of countries on the Northen Hemisphere. Brasil, Australia and South Africa, for instance, are planning their winter now.

Anyway, have a splendid new season of joy and happiness!!!

I have been a bit under the weather lately. Lacklustre and tired, or just blah...So that explains my lack of reviews on this blog. I did not want to leave my readers alone, so I organised the Midsummer giveaway...I hope you appreciate the contest. (ends tomorrow at 1 pm GMT +1, so scribble down your fave summer memory and win a couple of fab goodies for free). has been receiving lots of love lately, but there are other fab craft-n-buy communities as well. I have been buying and receiving my first order: my lacklustre mind needed some new teas that would (hopefully) magically inspire my mind and body, or just confort me...I had read some raves about Liberteas on the Chocolate Rose tea on the teareviewblog, and I could not imagine anything more soothing than the idea of sipping warm chocolate-flavoured drink, without the dreadful calories. After all, a period of feeling under-the-weather should not result in extra pounds on the hips, I believe.

Back to Liberteas: I have ordered the sample set of three teas, that is the infamous Chocolate Romance Tea, the Momoko Melon tea and the La Vert Pear. I received a sample in Earl Grey Cream.

I love the packaging of the mini tins. Those will be really handy for stashing up makeup when I finish the teas. Gorgeous, glossy black tins.

As for the teas...taste is a personal thing, but I love their Chocolate Romance tea. It has been the most authentic, chocolate-flavoured tea I have tasted so far. The Melon tea is wonderful for summer, so that is one for a larger size as well. The Pear tea is nice, as you do not taste the, sometimes herbally, taste of the green tea leaves.

The seller was wonderful. She made a special listing for me and my shipping options. We have mailed various times to get the communication and the order right. Kudo's for her.

I will probably return to liberteas and for my next order. However, I have quite some teas to finish right now...sooo...sipping away this sunday!


ning * star said...

aww, when i saw the picture of boxes, the 1st thing come cross my mind is, oh... jewels haul xD
well, I love your tea and tea are just so yummy and nice scent!

Jamilla Camel said...


I have just stopped drinking coffee and switched to tea again!

Thanks for sharing..this gives me some ideas!

verina oei said...

tea ! yeah i tot they were
yeah shud deff start drinking tea !