Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Hats off: my first party since ...1999!

Ok ok, I have been going to a party after 1999, but I liked the title...he he. On the other hand, I haven't been going to a theme party/rave since 1999, which makes the title appropriate again.

BBB's plans:

I convinced my dear boyfriend, or he convinced me, to attend a last party/rave/dancefest before I am really old and expelled from coolness and youth (if glowchaser already considers herself being an 'old cow', what does that make me, a dinosaur???) That means, we are going to Sensation (click): that is a dancefest which you have to/must dress in white, white, white. The theme for this year is Wicked Wonderland, so there is a bit of naughty Alice in Wonderland going on as well. EEEEkkkk.


We have a theme, we have a dresscode...So I thought to go in complete MAD HATTER style and purchased a white mini hat.

It is so cute....I love it so much...It will make a fab partyhat. I purchased this cutie at mini-top-hat-fascinator on ebay. It arrived in a huge box, so this baby stayed safe during the journey.

Question to readers:

Ha ha, this is only the beginning of the preparation for the party. I need a lot more to look totally OTT...I am planning to buy some extravagant false eyelashes (think the feather-shu uemura variety) and I am thinking about going for a Gothic Lolita look. My questions: what webshops sell the best false eyelashes? and, what makeup-look should I pick?

Sooooo, ADVICE ME for looking my absolute best and completely ridiculously original....


besos_tan_dulces said...

OMG I am sooo envious! I want to go!!! Honestly, as a recommendation for falsies, there are some great and over the top ones at Walgreens, believe it or not! I usually buy mine at a local independently owned beauty supply shop. I seriously dont know if they supply drag queens or what, but they have a great over-the-top lash counter!

Yumeko said...

awwww i cant wait to see how u go
i have no idea abt webshops tat sell falsies

makeup look..smoky?? wide eye! glitter!

Old Cow said...

Shu uemura lashes!!! If you can push the boat out then go for Victor and Rolf ones!!!!!!!

I am sooooooo loving your hat.

I think go for smokey eyes and stupid bright lips!! I WOULD SAY THAT THOUGH xx

Jamilla Camel said...

Cris Cross lahses from Shu Uemura!!

Love the hat!!

izumi said...

no idea about ONLINE sellers but there are def some pretty good looking ones are drugstores. though i dO love MUFE ones from sephora!

looooove the hat.

as for a look.. oof.. i don't know :X good luck though!! can't wait to see your final results<3