Friday, 26 June 2009

Etsy-tastic: simbiosisbyjulia, TheNebulousKingdom & munica

One of the things I like about it its international character. Last week I received some extraordinary goodies from places like the US (Oregon), France and Argentina. Creativity roams around the world, and I am so happy it is visible on a place like etsy.

The first haul I will show today is from the sale @ simbiosisbyjulia. Her pouches are so cute and well made, and really tick into the kawaii-cuteness of Japanese goodies. I had ordered three pouches, and they are adorable.

The first is miss. deer, a pink deer on a medium size pouch that gets her cherries from a lovely, blue bird. The medium pouch is just a tad bigger than the small pouch, but not too much.

Sweet miss deer with her long eyelashes and flowers (oh, and did you see that cute blue scarf?)

I think that Kathy from lotuspalace also said something about the wonderful lining of their work. I love this finish....It makes it look really professional.

I also received these sealife erasers as a freebie...It really reminds me of kindergarden!

This design is a bit more sophisticated, but still incredibly cute! I love the nature design and misses chicken as such model-like (aka skinny) flaunt it...chicky!

Our darling ladybird...also flaunting her thin legs...

And lastly, the hooded bunny...I love this character.

I also appreciated this letter as a part of the customer service. However, I loved the haul, quality and service, so I am a happy camper!

TheNebulousKingdom is one of those shops from the French Anne-Julie, that has achieved national cult status on the Dutch blogs. Every now and then she converts her cute art into beautiful jewellery, but they sell sooo fast.

I had bought a necklace, although it is not as sophisticated as some of her works, I still loved the raven-haired lady.

I could not find the picture of the mirror I had bought, but it is this one:

Dreamy and sweet in lilac colours...
I love how she decorated her envelopes. This inspires me to buy deco tape as well.

From Argentina came another lovely drawing of a girl...This time I ordered a brooch from Munieca. She is called 'Lady Butterfly in Love'...Another girl with the butterfly theme...

I love her red/pink hair. I think I could use it as a necklace as well.
That was my bit of etsy-mania this week.
Ps: have a gorgeous weekend


Angela said...

Very cute pouches!! I will definitely check that store out! :D. That pink deer is so adorable.

Jamilla Camel said...

Adorable pouches--I love the ladybird!

ning * star said...

hooo.... adorable!

mint said...

they're so beautiful! i really like the brooch

cheryl said...

very very cute (and practical) pouches!

izumi said...

suuuuuuch cute purchases! i love the raven haired lady and the girl with the black hair laying down~