Sunday, 17 May 2009

weekly consumer delights

Sorry for the lack of post of this week. I always aim to post at least 2 times a week, but I have been lacking the creative power to write anything this week. I did not receive that many hauls either, so I could not bring anything new or spectacular to this blog.

One of the few things I received was my anticipated package. I ordered the Sara Happ lip slip balm, based on some wonderful reviews on the blogosphere, and I threw in a hair-care set from Umiproducts for more volume. When spending over $40, you could receive some extra items from them.

Mmm, I received a gorgeous smelling perfume in Tea, a Lalicious vanilla body lotion and a Pear and Ginger lipbalm for fee...including some wonderful smaller samples.

I haven't dared to touch the Lip Slip looks so delicious and decadent...

Such a pretty box: it looks like a jewellery box for a ring, or so...

Ohhh, the sparkles the other bloggers raved about. I cannot wait to try this:

I haven't read anything about Umiproducts yet, however, the ingredients sound really wholesome and organic: my poor, sensitive scalp might like these products. I have lots of hair, but it lacks proper volume. I would love to find a natural/organic way to boost volume in my hair.

Another haul I did was @ H&M: yes, Matthew Williamson released his summer collection on thursday. I liked the summer collection so much better than the earlier collection. I ordered some things online, but I bought a denim biker jacket in khaki fabric and PIIIINK lining in the store....SCORE:

I LOVE clothes that mix girly influences with more tough elements...I had to had this jacket.

Another whimsical item I picked up this week is my painterly (Monet-esque) maxi dress from Zara. I love everthing flower-themed right now, I have been fanatic about maxi-dresses since ages...this is such a ME-piece:

Sight, can a person fall in love with clothes? I sometimes can...


Jamilla Camel said...

Cute clothes! Looks like you're getting ready for summer!

I am interested in how you do with the organic/low chemical brands...I bought some sulfite-free shampoo and conditioner from L'Oreal and Jamal is really likeing it!

cheryl said...

it's nice that u can still wear jackets in holland even when it's summer, it's a bit cool. today's already too hot for me in milan (25 degrees).
i finally tried the elishacoy bb cream u sent me a few months ago. thanks again!

Jamilla Camel said...

I am so glad to hear that your BeautyBay order is coming with the bronzer!!

En エヌ said...

What a beautiful dress. I'm a Zara fan, too. =)

The Williamson/H&M collection looks great. The hippie and floral prints are very stunning.

izumi said...

i love tough+girly.. and that dress's print is pretty fab!