Sunday, 15 February 2009

Lipstick Queen oxymoron matte gloss in Minor Crisis

Today I will look at a product I have been lusting to have since it had been launched: Lipstick queen Oxymoron Matte Gloss. I was not able to buy it sooner, as it is a product which is hard to get over here. It is distibuted in the UK at the SpaceNK beauty branches, and it is also for sale for the American crowd at the Lipstick Queen website.

Since I do not live in either of those beautiful countries I was not able to get my greedy hands on this product. Well, I actually love going on short holidays to the UK, and when I am there I always seem to be extremely interested in everything beauty related. I had also bought some Lipstick Queen items in the past: for example the Saint Red lipstick and Saint Nude lipstick.

Thanks to the generosity of a beautiful London-woman named Yasumi, or glowchaser, I was able to have this beauty in my possession.

First, I was mesmerized by the packaging, or the drawings on the packaging. I love the Art-Deco style and its style also is reflected upon the package.

The back of the package describes Poppy's philosophy behind the product. Why it is named Oxymoron, what can you expect from this product, and so on..

The word 'incongruous' would have been a lovely word to appear on my TOEFL test I did last saturday.

I like the idea of a multipurpose lipgloss that you can use on your cheeks as well. I haven't tried it like that so far. It could break me out, the ingredients, I mean. So lets take a look at the ingredient list.

Mmm, I see some good ingredients (Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Meadowfoam Oil, Advocado Oil) and some questionable ingredients (Butylparaben and Propylparaben).

Anyway, I am not an expert on cosmetic ingredients, so I will go on to show the pictures I made of the Matte lipgloss.

Awww, I had to harm my beautiful, virgin lipgloss with a lipbrush...

It came with a different brush than pictured. The brush that came with it was not that impressive, it was a bit stiff for applying lipgloss.
The colour is a deep mauvy rose. The next pictures have been made in (rare) sunlight, so it might seem a smidge darker than it actually is.

It looks really opaque on my pulse. However, on my lips it became indeed more transparent and glossy. I think this is the contradiction-part of the Oxymoron gloss. I was a bit afraid for the dense colour, but on my lips it looked really natural.

The first picture is made in the shadow. Sorry for the tilted picture (it is not that I have such unsymmetric lips in real life, LOL)

My own lipcolour is a mauvy red and the lipgloss enhances this colour and makes it a bit deeper.

The feel of the lipgloss is like a light lipstick. I love the balmy feeling it gives my lips, which is probably caused by the wonderful ingredients (all the natural oils). I would qualify this product to be more of a lipstick than a lipgloss.

My verdict is that I love this product, both the colour and texture. I would love to obtain the Honest Politician as well (don't you just love that name?). It looks more purply than Minor Crisis.
Or the Free Ride...It looks more like a peachy nude
Anyway, there are always enough reason to revisit the UK shopping paradise...LOL.


Jamilla Camel said...


Thank you for the review! I was undecided about the Oxymoron, but your review has convinced me to get the Honest Politician and Minor Crisis! There is a SpaceNK four miles from my house, and I have a £10 discount coupon, so I really need to get over there!

I've got both the Saint and Sinner lipsticks--I love them both. I did a review on the Saint Lipsticks here:

and I'm wearing Saint Rust here:

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

this is an interesting product. I can use jojoba oil on my lips for sure but it is a unstable ingredients for my skin. I can sometimes break out badly with it on and yet at other times, it has no effect on me.

I am liking your blog a lot and please keep up the good work. :)

Glow Chaser said...

Isnt it gorgeous on you!! The girl at spaceNK - I call them space cadets because they all seem to have a vacant expression when I ask them things - she said she uses it on your cheeks and it works a treat.

Perhaps when things settle down here I can hijack a politian foor you! Wouldn.t that be fun!?

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Jamilla Camel,
Thank you for your response. I am glad to enable ;D. I also looked at the pictures of your Saints and Sinners, LOL, and they become you as well.
So, grab your voucher and get yourself to the Space NK...mmm, lucky you to have a Space NK near you.
PS I love your blog and the philosophy behind your blog...yey for thirtysomething women!

Hi Jojoba,
Thank you for the update on Jojoba oil. I recon that products that are made specially for cheeks are probably better formulated against breakouts/blackheads. I also prefer powder blush a bit more, as I can better blend it with my makeup.
Aww, thank you for another sweet comment (blushes(

Hi Glowchaser,
LOL @ Spacecadets...I know, some salespersons seem to be totally zombiefied or literally alienated from the world of human emotions. They probably get home and 'switch' of the automatic pilot, at least...I think it would be tough to live with a person that is totally vacant.
Schweetie, hijacking a British honest politician can be such a treat...he he, put him/her in a big box and he/she can learn me some extra English/politic behavious...he he...always handy to use a bit of political talk.

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

definetely gorgeous
the naming and packaging
the whole deal!

cheryl said...

hi helen, the colour sure looks natural and pretty on your lips. darn it, all these lip colour compacts do contain quite a lot of paraben to keep the product fresh. i got the giorgio armani lip wax last week, quite like it. will try to do a post on it.

angie519 said...

The lip color is gorgeous!!! I love the theory behind it!!! I actually like matte looks sometimes, but I really don't like matte textures, so this sounds awesome!