Monday, 2 February 2009

Elizabeth Maxi Bon Bon in 02

In my last JP-mon haul I had a huge fetish for lip products, LOL. One of the products I picked up was the Elizabeth Maxi Bon Bon in no 2. I have already acquired a couple of Elizabeth tinted lipglosses in the Nude collection, and they are really nice for a natural glossy lip.

From the few words I could read or translate by the translation tools (which are NOT perfect, you probably know that when you use these translation tools every now and then) that it is not a lipgloss but more of a moisturizing gloss.

I had the choice between two colours: a non-colour in 01 (transparent) and a transparent pink colour in 02. I picked the pinkish one.

The close up of the tube shows that it targets on giving lips volume, moisture and it is emollient. The words 'maxi' made me think that I could consider it to be a volumizing gloss, such as the likes as Too Faced Plumping Gloss and Lipfusion. I expected to have a bit of a stinging feeling.

There was no stinging or any effect at all when applying it on my lips. It seems to be another clear tinted gloss without much plumping effect (only that a gloss always makes lips seem fuller).
As for the moisturizing effects, I do not find it more or less moisturizing as the average lipgloss. I think it is almost the same as the Nude tinted lipglosses from Elizabeth, just a tad thinner in consistency.
As for the colour, you hardly notice the pink tint.

Sorry about the old-looking hands. I moisturize them, but I inherited my mum's hands, which tend to look a bit rough. Anyway, the close up shows a liiiiitle bit of pink, but I do not think it shows on my lips.

Overall, I find this quite an average, clear lipgloss. Nothing more, nothing less.
I have purchased this product on (here) for 320 taiwanese dollars.
If you are looking for a nice Japanese lip moisturizer, I would recommend the B&C lipgloss in Pear instead, which retails for a lot cheaper (220 Taiwanese dollars, and is also on adambeauty and ichibankao).

And now a little rant. Our Custums have been taking hostage of my gmarket package for over a week now (as you can see on the charge, it has been lying over there since 24 of January).

They might have disagreed with the MYSTERY box that gmarket included in my package. EEEK, I hope I do not get charged by their MYSTERY content. I also hope my gmarket package arrives soon, because I am waiting for some cool Korean stationary and agendas I am dying to make use of (the second semester is about to start, Yahoooo).


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

ooh i was eyeing this so i am glad u did the review
so it doesnt do much huh...guess i'll skip it them

M said...

the jpmon site scares me haha