Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Alice in Wonderland, and other Gmarket items...

In my last post I showed the MYSTERY gift I received from gmarket, but I have been receiving some intentional items as well.

For the new semester I wanted to have some cute agendas. I remembered Kathi's post about Korean Stationary some time ago, so I tried to search for stationary on gmarket. There is an English category named stationary and also a diary/planner category, which makes searching quite easy ;D

I purchased a Alice Adventures in Wonderland planner and a miscellanous planner with a sketched street view on it, very nostalgic-looking.

Both planners have a linen cover, which is sturdy and protects the planner. Alice has lots of nostalgic pictures inside that are based on Lewis Caroll's novel. Alice in Wonderland was first published in 1865, so the drawings have a antique feel to it.

The complete diary package included: the diary itself, an Alice Ballpen and several cute stickers.

The other diary is also very cute indeed. I received a free Housekeeping book with that planner. Those little kittens are so sweet!

LOL, look what the kittens are saying:

Ofcourse I would love to get rich...but with my amount of shopping...mmm. I really need to keep a spending book. But actually, it is mostly written in Korean...

I also bought a sample size of the Hanskin Caviar Gold BB balm. I haven't had much luck with the larger sized BB balms, so I wanted to buy a small size. I received the Ginkgo Pure and Glossy Magic BB as freebies.

From Etude House I bought the Black X Black Mascara (the Moistful mask is a freebie) and the 'I can't stop smiling' trio of lipglosses!

I will try to post swatches when the weather is allowing me to make good pictures, and when I have some time off. My schedule is quite busy right now, so I cannot blog that intensely as I did before. Anyhow, I need my planners right now to keep me on track and organising myself :P.


Jae said...

Everything is so cute! ^^ Great haul!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i looove alice in wonderland and have been eyeing that planner
i dont need one but i do like it though

Couture Carrie said...

Such adorable items!

Anonymous said...

Everything is sooo cute!

Kimberly Tia said...

*gaSp* Alice In Wonderland is FABULOUS!!!!
She's my favorite but of course my all-time favorite is the lovely Snow White ^_^

and "i can't stop smiling" literally makes me smile just saying the name... it just has that affect doesn't it...

and btw I emailed you back -- yes woman I want your addy too. ^_^

Jamilla Camel said...

I loooooooove those kitties!

And they want to get rich--LOL, or as Lolcats say, MOL (meowing out loud)!

cheryl said...

oooh the lipglosses looks SO cute...i love agendas too, but i usually use plan black ones... old school, haha.

angie519 said...

Cute stuff!!

Oh let us know what you think of the BB creams! I want to narrow down the options! =)

Etude House has the cutest stuff!!