Friday, 5 December 2008

reading up: Vogue UK & Vogue Fr.

I have a weakness for glossy magazines. It has to do with the fantasy they portray, because most of the clothes they portray are completely unafordable for me.

But that is a part of its magic...actually, I do not like when magazines such as Vogue are writing about the credit crunch, because in my crunch does not exist in Vogue.

The fantastical is one of the reasons why I adore the British Vogue of this month, December. I am not going to spoil too much about the content, so pick it up or browse in it before the Januari issue releases:

I like how they portrayed the Moss...she radiates old school glamour in this picture...

The fold-out cover is made of a matte-satiny material, which makes it different from its common high-gloss covers

The Tim Walker/Helena Bonham is quite magical as well.

Vogue even published a section with modern fairytales...for example, a spin-off of the little read them!

In Paris I picked up the Januari issue of Vogue Fr...My french is not that good, but Vogue Fr. enlists a calender in its Januari issue each year, so that was reason enough to pick it up.

This year they chosen to do a naughty pin-up theme...

Mmm, It is a nice calender, but I am not that enthousiastic about this year's calender. They do not have the high fashion attitude the calender of last year had...I think it is more suited for a Trucker's restroom...

Last year's vogue had a tatoo/bodypaint theme, which was more suitable for ladies...

miss October of Vogue Fr 2008

Ah, Lady's things: it makes me think of this person: "I am a lady and I do lady's things"

Anyway, sorry for my crazy thought aside.

Back to Vogue Fr: The rest of the magazine is not that interesting. The editor of the French Vogue indulged in her Prinses Stephanie of Monaco adoration this month, so half of the magazine is dedicated to her...which is a bit too much for me.

On a side note, I love the way they depictured Stephanie: there is no obvious photoshopping and you can see how she portrays a kind of rawness and sadness which is quite spellbinding.

And it brings up some memories of the eighties...They portrayed lots of pictures of Stephanie in her earlier years, and they are very eighties.

What I liked about the eighties is that women were allowed to show their androgonys side. Nowadays it is so much about überfeminine beauty...

So, if you are an eighties fan, a French Vogue fan, a princess Stephanie of Monaco fan or a Naughty-pinup-fashion-calender-from-French-Vogue fan...pick up the French Vogue of Dec/Jan 2008/2009.

Happy reading or browsing...

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Glow Chaser said...

I am a "Laydee!"

Helena Bonham Carter is a queen in my head. She has such an interesting face and her "marla" was CLASSIC!!