Sunday, 26 October 2008

Nix'ie cosmetics

The internet can present you a plethora of beauty reviews, raves and rants. However, I find that some products are overrepresented (MAC) and others are underrepresented.

One of these products is Nix'ie cosmetics. It is a fascinating brand with beautiful colors and a gorgeous texture. I really like their cream blushes, powder blushes and their eyeshadows. I have not tried any other items of their brand, but I will certainly do so in the future.

Let me show you a picture of two of their wonderfully pigmented, natural shaded color eyeshadows: Babylon and Aloha Friday.

Babylon sound a bit biblical, and a bit rasta to me (actually, you can combine both, as Rastafarians are devoted followers of the bible, they just interpretated it a bit differently. But isn't that the case with most religions...oh stop it, enough about religion, this is a fun and lighthearted blog!!!)

Anyway, I love reggae and have visions of Bob Marley and the Jamaican beach when I think about Babylon.

The first two pictures are made in natural light. As you can see, it is a mixture between mushroom beige, Marihuana green (LOL, sorry for the pun) and a golden sunset.

This picture is made with flash light. See how the bronze parts light up in this kind of light.

And a swatch on my arm...

Aloha Friday is another happy name. Sometimes I tend to buy products for their name...The lust items have been overrepresented lately (Orgasm, Full on Lust, Seductive red) and I feel more attracted to happy or quirky names. Actually, I am waiting for Sesamstreet Blue or Kermit Green eyeshadows...LOL.

Anyway, Aloha Friday is a beautiful taupe-brown color...and as far as I am concerned, taupe is the universal Little Black Dress of eyeshadows: reliable and professional, but it can be dressed up to a bit naughtier if you like.

Last, but not least...a bit of sincerity...the blush Sincerity, I mean.

The blush is medium gives a fresh and rosy color on NW 25- ish skin. I think it can work on darker skintones as well.

I have bought my products at, but American buyers are perhaps better off at the nix'ie site, as they can get a 20% discount with a makeupartists code. For example, I have found several codes online that qualify for 10% discount, for example 2349 or the code of this youtuber sAssAfrAxiA

Very worthy, this brand...try it out yourself and let me know how you feel about it!!!

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