Friday, 7 April 2017

Too Coal for school...

If you dare to watch the US every now and then, perhaps with the help of comedians like Trevor Noah in the 'Today Show', you might find coal being the hot topic of last week's news...Thanks/due to The US president it is probably the negotiations with China this week, something new and conflicting about the POTUS every week, right? Anyway, coal should not become a fuel anymore.

On the bright site, charcoal has never been hotter in skincare. So let's hear it for the positive about some of my skincare finds...

  • I have been trying out a couple of Charcoal soaps, and I find the Bamboo Charcoal soap from Funky Soap London to be one of the purest with the best bit of mint inside. As I said in my last posts, my psoriasis had been flaring up like a Australian forest fire in their summer and this has been one of the few soaps my skin could  1. tolerate 2. clean gently and 3. clear up the flare ups partly. Now my skin is a lot healthier, this soap feels amazing in purifying the skin and I love to wash my face with it too, as a part of step 2 of the double cleanse. Funky Soap London sells these big chunks of soap on etsy (here) for €4.00 and shipping is rather reasonable too.
  • I think that Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser has been discussed frequently on blogs and the Gram. I agree this is a gorgeous facewash and the warming element makes it feel like it's working even more effectively opening and purifying the pores. Hence, it gets my supporting vote as well.
  • I stumbled upon Ecodenta Black whitening Toothpaste after I was looking for a more affordable option for the very hyped Sister & Co Raw Coconut & Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening. Ecodenta is indeed under a fiver and I already see a whitening effect on a more natural base. Perhaps the ingredient of €30-ish Sister & Co would have been a tad more pure, nevertheless the shipping -carbon waist- would add more polution to the environment. Ecodenta is produced in the Baltic States but Holland & Barrett import it in a larger frequency. Oh heck, the price is better ; )
  • The mascara featured has nothing to do with added charcoal but I really liked the look of it, and the brush. This Outdoor Girl mascara has a dryer formula but I use the brush only right now with my other mascara's.
  • I bought a couple of travel sized Byredo candles during the christmas season, and Bibliothèque has been one of my favourites because of the bookish, vintage scent. Do not worry you will only smell old books as the violet's will bring in that hopeful scent of young femininity of a girl who hopes her lovelife will be as exhilarating as the romantic novels she is reading.
Charcoal can be effective as a purifying product, and with some additional ingredients they can work in synch with helping your skin to get the desired effect. For example, by adding Tumeric you can also help to calm down inflamed skin, and turmeric would even function as an anti-ager. Personally, I had extremely sensitive skin and charcoal has been one of the few ingredients I could tolerate.

Besides these featured products, I have also tried some other hyped charcoal products. One of them was Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask. I found that Freeman version to be so incredibly overfraganced compared to the purer versions featured above, and my facial skin got irritated after using it. Hence, I do not believe every and any charcoal product would be best, so better do your research and use the purer versions when having sensitive skins.


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