Thursday, 11 August 2016

What's Beachin'?

For being off the blog for so long, I have to say I start missing it. I started to have the urge to review lengthily on instagram...that's an instagram don't! Purty images first, link to review later.

After getting a freebie beachspray from a sort-a fixed hairgirl stylist, I was like...I have a lot of these. Why not do a 5 days of faux-beachin'? Because seriously, after beachin bitching oftenly about my hair, I seem to have reached instagram-a-ble hair status!

Which means, I've been buying and using a lot of hairstuff (link here), eating healthily, and being a part of the Olaplex posse seems to pay off a bit.

But that does not mean I'm playing
straight, sleek hair all the time...

I'm liking the beach-babe role a lot and beachsprays can help a lot in making prissy straight a bit messy fun.

Which explains the selection of beachsprays I will review. So why now in the midst of summer? Because nostalgia is going to kick in soon enough and that so-called memory will make us think our hair looked amazing after a dip in the sea.

So keep on beachin'...

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