Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy 2013

Wishing all my readers around the world a joyeous NYE and a brilliant 2013

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Wishlist for 2013

Beauty-blog related wishlist I have for 2013:

1. Good Micro Lens for the Nikon DSLR
I'm not that happy with the micro-function of my camera right now...I hope a specified lens will help me to get the focus I used to get with my oldie Canon from 2009.

2. Fabulous Hair (better hair would do)
I actually didn't like most pictures when I googled "beautiful hair". But when I googled "fabulous hair" I found these two examples that would made my day if I had such trichomanian quality. Or, at least some better hair...I'm working on it.

3. Finding my Holy Grail Foundation
 I have plenty, however, I haven't gotten one close to HG status. I gotten the Creme de La Mer tested on me lately and loved the colour, but will I splurge on that one again? 

2013 will tell...

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Kérastase Elixir K Ultime Mask

How was your Christmas?

I'm sure most of my readers have gotten busy with either tonging, straightening, curling or uncurling, and decided it looked better before all of the work, or were completely happy about it.

So your hair will need some post-Xmas and pre-NYE pampering? That is why I step in for this mini review of the Késastase Elixir K Ultime Oléo-Complexe Beautifying mask:.
"GOLD, always believe in your soul" (Spandau Ballet)

Most of you will know the cult-status of Kérastase, and their hairoil Elixir Ultime. I have reviewed the Rose Millenaire and the Moringa Immortelle, and used 2 of the original Elixir Ultime too. Right now their oils are among my favourite hairoils.

information in various languages
Even though I use the Kerastase Elixir Ultime hairoils, I still suffer from straw-hair syndrom that I oftenly have complained about.  I know that Kérastase makes one of the most recommended hairmask Masquintense (reviews MUA here) but I am not completely sold about this: it's quite silicony that does the job for 1 day, and the frizzy/fuzzy bunch appears almost at midnight a la Cinderella. So no long-term healing for my hair.

I prefer L'óreal's cheaper variety of L'óreal Professionel, especially the Nature line. But curiosity often takes over me and I'm a beautyblogger so there's my excuse.

But how will this specific new Kérastase mask perform?

The promise:
  1. All Hair types 
  2. Beautifying
  3. No Parabens
  4. Corn Germ, Camelia Argan and Pracaxi Oils 
beautiful golden packaging
Sounds good: I'm really enthousiastic of the pure form of Camelia Oil, and Argan Oil. About Pracaxi I found this information:
  • oil from a tree that growns in the Amazon (Brazil)
  • Pracaxi oil has one of the highest level of behenic acid among natural products.
    - promotes conditioning action to the hair;
    - promotes smooth feel to the hair and skin;
    - improves wet compatibility of hair and skin care products,
    - increases hair brightness
Remember when a packaging says the ingredients are included: always look for the place where it is listed in the ingredients list. If it's one of the first ingredients there supposed to be plenty of it; if it last in range then there might be one micro-monocule embedded just for the sake of listing it.

 How did my mask work?

I always like the Ufo-shaped form of Kerastase Masks...Must be the Majan proficy
Golden particules are infused in the mask:

  • Beautifying? Yes, the golden sparkles makes the (healthy/normal) parts of the hair appear more radiant and glossy
  • That also means that on the dry and damaged parts the effect is less effective, but still smoothing.
  • Luxurious feel: Packaging/product
  • Scent: Delicious! Like an high end perfume that is the same as the original Kérastase Elixir Ultime oil.
  • All Hair Types? perhaps, but in my opinion it's lacks extra moisture that suits dry to really dry hair or damaged hair
  • Hence, suitable for normal, slightly dry, combination, and slightly greasy hair that needs a bit of extra glow.
  • Similar as the other Kérastases: Cinderella effect on dry/damaged hair: the beautifying effect last 1 to 2 days until the straw-factor returns.
  • In my opinion: no longterm reparation/cure of the hair
  • Expensive

This is a mask that I refer to as a Upper Manhattan mask that would suit the gorgeously impeccable Olivia Palermo and other superglossy maned beauties that just need the extra gloss to outgloss their other Uptown girlfriends. The luxury factor is really high with the golden packaging and the golden sparkled mask, and the scent is delicious. If your hair needs real healing, something that solves your dryness or frizziness, or a in-between fix between hair-trims to remove spit ends, go for another mask. There are cheaper and more effective options that deliver real moisture or locks in keratines.

Available: eg on feelunique (on sale for still-lotsa-cash)

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

♥ I want to wish all my readers & the people who stumbled upon this blog a delightfully and cozy Christmas ♥

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Using...used...gonna use..

Happy Pre-Christmas: I hope you all try to enjoy preparing for it, and leave the stress for what it is, when possible.

Just a good ol' roundup of the things I am using...used...gonna use:

from top left- clockwise
  • I've gotten some new lipsticks lately. I have the Le Metier de Beauté in Dubai and this week received an Edward Bess in Midnight Bloom. The Balmshell lipgloss is a GWP
  • I also emptied my Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist and gotten myself a new one; it's intensely neutral and soothing for days that your skin needs it, and I feel it actually does something in terms of adding moisture
  • Samples: Jouer Lip Enhancer lipbalm and curious about Rodial Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel. The Jouer doesn't do that much plumping, but it has the perfect consistency as primer before lipstick/gloss.
  • I digged up my Beauté the Kose Eye Fantastist from an older collection: WOW! that was 2008!  (see here when I got the set). It's a glowy champagne-hued highligher that I'll be using during the holidays for making my eyes appear slightly dreamy & angelic.  

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Review: Le Métier de Béauté Kaleidoscope Bauhaus

"Shimmery, glisteny eyecolours...come into Birkies land" 

Before I start to sound too Alladin's Lamp, let me introduce something shimmery that contains some other wishes: not three, but four shimmering eyeshadows:

Le Metier de Beaute's own site has not featured this Kaleidoscope yet. On Zuneta's site the description says that the Bauhaus colours have been inspired by:
"the Bauhaus movement, that influenced famed runways of Caroline Herrera and Cynthia Rowley alike,[...] “Modernisation is as feverishly popular as ever, and a little touch of Bauhaus never hurt anyone,” says Mikey Castillo, Director of Color, Le Métier de Beauté." 

Ok, that "a little touch of Bauhaus never hurts anyone" sounds a bit too vague for me. So what was Bauhaus really about?

My Art-teacher would be dissapointed for me not knowing that much about the Bauhaus Movement. Thankfully, she was into popular culture too as fashionblog-phenonema so I willfully googled up "Bauhaus Movement", knowing she wouldn't consider Wikipedia being the "source of evil" (some teachers always said that..."NEVER look on Wikipedia", and others are like "as a starter you can Wiki but Plleeeaazzzee, get some better source for your essays").
My palette has intellectual value being produced on the Rene Descartes road, or, 
"I apply makeup, therefore I am!

That simply means I cannot sum up this movement shortly, but it has links with art/architecture, art for craft's/building's sake and  to re-unite "Creativity and manufacturing [by] rejuvenating design for everyday life" (
This meant lots of angular structures and basic colours. E.g. Piet Mondriaan was in the vanguard of the Bauhaus movement that lasted from 1913 to 1933:
I won't bother you with artistic talk anymore...but the stark primary colours are not represented in the palette. Better for me, because I love the subtle & metallic shades. Perhaps they are linked to the architecture movement that strongly stood close to Bauhaus.
And I suspect that Le Metier de Beaute hasn't fully researched Bauhaus either and they just picked an artistic movement in the past to get across more interesting. Oh well, haven't we all done that at a time being? At least I can say my eyeshadows are inspired by Bauhaus art, Mies van Rohe, Mondriaan and the likes ;-). That sounds less superficial than "I like puuurty colours on me eyes"...

Colour description according

- Axiom - Sublime bronzed umber
- Graphite - Silver liquid metal
- Crucible - Rich pomegranate
- Genre - Deep gun metal 
(ps: had to Wiki Axiom & Crucible)


Swatches: bare sunlight-1 (!) Swipe, NO primer

My point of view of the swatches:
* Axiom is a bronze brown with a hint of golden shimmers. It has a hint of mustard into it mostly visible from a side angle
* Graphite is a stunning darkened silver with a hint of mauve to it, making it a multidimensional shade....I tried to capture it from a different angle, but my lack of sunlight left me (hopefully updated soon).
* Crucible is one of those sexy maroons that has that hint of smoldering deep-red inside. The pinkish sparkle/glow prevents it from falling flat, and I think this will work beautifully layered over black eyeshadow for extra zest.
* Genre looks like a steel colour at first glance, but looking closer there is a hint of teal/blue glow that is supergorgeous for using it alone as a smokey eye or simply as an eyeliner in a smaller line.

To add to my view, an extra photo from the colours from a laying/side angle:
  • incredibly pigmented, beautiful colours, almost all have a duo- or multidimensional quality that makes it interesting in various light
  • 1 (!) swipe without primer and this impact! And still applying equally = SUPERIOR TEXTURE
  • Not so fabulous = the quality of the packaging (check the top-case): It's plastic and Burberry does that one better.

  • packaging= also on the small side. It reaches the lipstick-cap stripe of a MAC lipstick (see below), and quite bulky.

 For many years I have been one of those women buying eyeshadows both from indie-sites as the more conventional brands being sold in beauty stores. Indie sites such as Fyrinnae and Meowcosmetics deliver eyeshadows that often have multiple sparkles and dimensions that makes it so interesting on the eyes. But than the lack of handiness (powder spill/ bags or jars that fling open and spill over your carpet!) made me reach for handy pressed palettes.

So I LOVE the texture, durability & colour quality of Le Metier de Beauté eyeshadows: it's probably the best quality so far in eyeshadows, leaving Burberry Beauty and Armani behind. I think they budgetised too much on the packaging, though. And for that price they shouldn't.

I haven't compared this Kaleidoscope with other eyeshadows, but this blogger has, so check her out for comparing swatches here.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Newbie! Le Metier de Béauté Kaleidoscope in Bauhaus

Le Métier de Béauté is my latest explore-brand. So far I've tried the lipstick (dryish ), the Lipgloss/balm that I showed yesterday (moist & poutilicious), the powder blush (glowy) and the cream blush (velvety)...It wouldn't take long to reach for one of their most raved about products: eyeshadows!

Being totally buy-promiscuous I've ordered the Kaleidoscope in Bauhaus from Zuneta: they are the only one that sells these to the European public so far and had a GWP that turned out to be the cutest Balmshell lipgloss. I often use the beautybiblecode for 10% off (ZBEAUTYBIBLE) which made the total still ridiculously expensive for a set of eyeshadows. Then again, I loved the colour-set and was curious enough.

So if you're curious too about the Bauhaus Kaleidoscope, stay that for a while and I will show you the swatches this week ;-)

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Enabled-sunday: Le Metier de Beaute lip Creme

Hurray, I have been wilfully enabled by the organised Messywands in her love for Metier de Beaute lipcremes...

I went for the Purple Haze based on it's neutrality and the swatches on Messywands impressively accumulated stash of the lipcremes (here).  I'm often curious why someone loves one product so much to buy every colour of it, and for this lipcreme I have to say "it's quite good". There is a bit of a plasticy undertone in it's vanilla-based scent, but that wisps away soon.

The "Purple Haze" colour  is a bit of a lilac/greyish nude on on my lips, which sounds incredibly weird but in real life it's the kind of hue that makes my lips look plumper: the lilac makes the green in my eyes stand out more and it's nude-eque tone actually doesn't need to compete with a stronger eye (makeup), but still present enough to prettify my skinnier pout.

It's my most expensive lipgloss/cream to date, and got a bit of discount during's advent calender that made me take the plunge. I think my Shiseido Maquillage lipsticks are my most expensive ones afterwards *edited: that's pricy Tom Ford instead*. However, those are lipsticks and I'm not a true lipgloss person so I never shell out on them
Ps1: exception, a Burberry lipgloss of 25 and I don't like it as much
Ps2: the lipcreme's are not real lipglosses but lipbalm/gloss/stick hybrids, me likey

So, after Zuneta there is is Beautybay that sell these too :-)

Friday, 14 December 2012

Review: Kose Addiction Cheekstick 14 Damask Rose

-I've bought a new Kose Addiction cheekstick- 
-I like it -
 -here are the swatches- 

Ok, you know my reviews will not be that easy but I will be short(er) about it.

I saw the announcement of the range of new colours by Iris on Rougedeluxe: she's often the first in English with the scoops on the newest releases.

And so I also found out that Ayuko, the makeupartist of Addiction, is a woman!

I often like Ayuko's choice of models: they have unique faces that are perfect veils for her makeup-range, without going into the faces of the models I consider used too much (sorry Kate Moss). I totally love the angle of the photo and how the mustard eyeshadow stands out: it almost made me buy that shade, and I still might.

I wrote to Iris that Damask Rose looked like a muted Amazing from the earlier line. I have been right about this: (see below)
I don't have Amazing myself, but I will link to Kate from DrivelaboutFrivol's picture to give you an superclear swatch of it (here)

My swatch of Damask Pink (3 swipes layered!):

First, there is a difference between Kate's albaster skin with a hint of warm/yellow and my light/medium skin that hints towards cool. I believe that Amazing would appear cooler on my skin than hers.
I consider Damask Rose a true pink that hints towards fuschia. It is not really bubblegum pink, but it has a bit of a cooler tone in it that tinges blue.

On cheeks: I have discussed this with Kate and noticed myself that the earliest 'batch' of Kose Addiction seem to have a different consistency, almost better and with a higher coverage. First, I thought that my last cheekstick Rose Bar (review here) was merely too muted to show up vividly. However, I think that, compared to my 1st cheekstick in Revenge, that the coverage is not as strong.
I still like, better say love, the cheekstick and it's coverage. I layered 3 swipes of stick over each other and it doesn't get blotchy. This is personal, btw, because when you like your blush strong and vivid you might think "need more". I like a blush that looks like it comes from within. This looks like a from-the-ski-slopes-colour.
On Lips: I have raved about Addiction cheeksticks before for being a fantastic hybrid product. I still love how velvety and non-drying it feels. However, the consistency changed and so does the cover on my slightly rosy-toned lips. So here is where my vivid territory comes in and I need a couple of layers to make the pink appear. That is different with the coral/pink hue of Revenge: that one gave me that fashionable pout-n-shout-vividness that was happening early 2012. With Damask Rose it's sheerer, now.

I love this colour in my collection, especially in a cheekstick. It travels handily and it's consistency makes blending and layering easy for me when I don't feel like blending all morning. Only, it's not a realy hybrid colour to me, so I will keep it for my cheeks only. Or tint my lips on the road if I really have no other lipsticks around. And that sounds close to impossible, as the 5 lipsticks are always sollicitating for my attention in my bag ;-)
The price? Yeh, it's Kose Addiction: check for the price & product here.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Small Haul: Kose Addiction & Majolica Majorca

The new colours of the Kose Addiction line really got me interested, so I ordered another one.

Also, I talked about winter-prepping and preventing in this post. I bought myself another handcream to try out: I have always been really expressive so the cuteness of Pantonime handcream got me...:)

Monday, 10 December 2012

Top 12 for 2012

I am majorly honoured to be tagged by the impeccable and gorgeous Irene from Blushingloves to feature the 12 favourites of 2012.

That is going to be a tough cookie, as I found a variety of favourites and not-favourites at all (subtly tagged into the "craptastic". However, I will features some newbies too or some 'secrets' I haven't shared to you yet.

1. Beam me up, Scotty:  
Baby Quasar Laser Red light
Never featured it on the blog but I have it since March 2012 and it's a wonderful device that actually helps me "prolong youth" a bit better.

2. Stroke me skin: The Oils...
Darphin Tangerine & Roques O'Neil Therapy 
Serum-wise, I have been quite consistent with my earlier favourites and the odd sample to try out. My greatest curiosity went towards oils. This has been caused as my skin is going through a dry phase lately, or since the end of 2011 and oils are one of the better tools to alleviate dryness. (there's a different between dehydrated or dry skin, read about it here and here).

Those two blends feel the most conforting to me in terms of penetration and scent, but there have been some good others that I should feature in a future post. The Roques O'Neil is actually an oil for the body, but it works wonderfully on my sensitive facial skin too.

3. Inner Peace: 
Neom Candles

Of all the new candles and my new love for Cire Trudon, I picked Neom, although it was a close call. This is based on the price, the travel size handiness and the cleaneliness of the air that comes from their natural oils and waxes.

4. Shower Power: 
 Borghese Fango Detox Soap

I wanted to try to photograph a soap that has been used consistently since buying it in April. Fact it, it's still quite beautiful and also really large for it's useage. I think 30% has been used from it's original content (see here) and that's a supervalue when you think it is my main shower soap from the moment I bought it. I love the fact it easy on my skin when sensitive, doesn't dry out, smells herbally fresh and it feels like a step into detoxing.

5. The Cellulite scare-team:  
Vichy Aqua Destock

Isn't it just funny I try to get hydrated at some parts of my body (face) and am eager to remove all excess water retention from other parts (thighs Forest Gump words..."the Butt-Okss")?

Does it work? I don't use this all year. I use this in phases I work out more strenuously, or simply when I find my little thighs not being little anymore.
As most cellulite-releaving products it contains caffeine that can aid the process of water-retention (the stuff that causes dimply exterior or "floated thights") and in combination with a heck-lotsa dry body brushing, herbal teas, other blah blah health stuff....So it's not gonna do anything specific when sitting in the sofa like a blob, at least not to me. It doesn't give me anything close to model legs but I can go down one size when using this in combination with the other heavy duty thigh-diminishing acts I described above: that's resonable enough for me to be on my 3rd tube!

6.  The travel pal (lette):
Jemma Kidd Catwalk
 Not the best, but one of the handier and thinner varieties out there that can make eyes appear sultrier. More travel pals featured in this post.

7. The Trauma Topic: HAIR 

"I am not going to talk about my hair....I am not going to talk about my hair...ok, I'm gonna talk about my hair".  

Officially the meaning of trauma is when an experience has harm you so much you cannot find the words or means to express it. I basically had too many words to express the frustration about my hair that I have hardly any friends left and my relationship stranded (ok, that had some other reasons).

I shouldn't whine: it's still long, it's only dry for a reason I have no clue about. I did the layers, the highlights (and got them out when I was like "blah"), the red rinsing and the upteenth-superduper-supermask-new-improved-better-heaven!  
the "cure my hair-trauma" team
So I only want to say that I kinda approve upon the healing qualities of warmed oils such like Camelia Oil, Argan Oil and Macademia Nut Oils. They have to penetrate for at least 3 hours before washing. I sometimes combine them with Kerastase. Then I wash with the gentliest shampoo (often ABBA) and still continue to go for the supermasks, who then finally help a bit (not without the pre-oil treatments, btw)

8. The Health topic: Fem-tamins

Having a womb needs different vitamins...(available here)

9. The LOVE topic: brows:
Kose Esprique Liquid Eyebrow pen
After this babe (review here) I've been trying Laura Mercier Brow Definer in Fair, which is quite good too. What I love about this is it's travel friendliness, the tiny brush for preciseness and the colour.
Oh, and my girlcrush I featured in the review post, Cara Delevigne has done quite well this year too by winning the Elle Style awards of Model of the Year: That's why I love brows!
Brow-sing online
10.  The Perinneal Fascination: Blush!
Kose Addiction Cheek Stick in Revenge

I would normally be hesitating and doubting, but this year the ultimate favourite has been Kose Addiction Cheekstick in Revenge. Particularly this colour, as Rose Bar seems to have a different consistency, or a lighter colour. Not completely sure but Revenge has been the total Cheek/lip hybrid. Read about the hybrid cheek/lip battle here

11. The Holiday-in-a-can:
Collistar Face Magic Drops
So did you really think Mattel gave me this tan?
 I've tried the St. Tropez Naturals for face after finding my close-to-HG Collistar, but I found it's effects close to zero. I just gotta fake some tan when on holiday, because my face is always protected by the superior Japanese or French sunblocks that I often end up with moonface on a tanned body. Original review here

12. The Final Find: Red Lipstick
Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense in 98 Coromandel

I have soooo many red lipsticks that I actually never us. This one is actually a red I sometimes reach for. And sometimes is a whole lot better than almost never.

Ok, now I'm going to tag 12 bloggers and ask them to do a similar post of their 12 faves of 2012:
as she gives us so much post-to-do so I could return the favour ;P

Goodluck with all the writing and finding out what really were your faves! It's fun to look back and see how your beauty year has been ;-) 
So I hope you'll join in

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Cozy Candles

I would like to feature a small section of scented candles today. Actually, I always say I keep it small and I see my post featuring a lot. So I'm gonna do that once more. ;-)

Scent is one of the more underrated, but more poignant elements of attractiveness. We think that people select each other primarily based on looks, but the idea is that we can detect a 'mate' within 20 seconds of smelling this.

People who are actively are internetdating probably know this: he looks so good online and he's perfect on paper. And then offline you notice that the person is as perfect as appeared to be, but still...That's probably his chemistry (or personal scent) is not matched to yours.

So homely scents, what does this have to do with the dating spectrum? Ok, I disgressed on that topic but scents have different properties that can either help you to
  1. calm
  2. entice
  3. makes you remember a wonderful memory
  4. mmm, creme brulee
  5. flower-power!
  6. "is Marvin Gray on the playlist?" setting
  7. let you buy more more more (shops)
  8. etc etc
Let's recap some:

1. Cire Trudon Mademoiselle

a regal candle

I struck upon the easier availability of the candle when writing my earlier article being curious about it. I described Mademoiselle de la Valliere as a happy scent, but scent-preference is remarkly personal with one exception to vanilla, as it reminds people to mother's milk and that is one of the most comforting elements in a person's life (and one of the first). I personally love a happy composition of flowers and before I went sniffing the candle I suspected to like this candle based on the notes:
Top note : bergamot, orange blossom, galbanum / middle : tuberose, jasmin, ylang / base : musk, rockrose, benzoin resin

The freshness of orange blossom and bergamot and the sexy heart of tuberose, jasmin and Ylang Ylang are seperately already favourites, so in a blend they could sparkle. I say COULD as with perfume you never know how they will warm up to you, or when one scent-element is there that is totally not your thing the whole composition could be "meh".

I love this one. It is not as sexy as I suspected as the musk is quite withdrawn. Perhaps the fresher topnotes of bergamot and orange blossom tone it sultriness a bit. However, it has a sensual element only in a fresher and floral way. When not burning, you can smell it too on a distant of 5 meters. When burning, the scent dissapears to my nose after 15 minutes, but when I change rooms and return it's flower sensuality blossoms again. One thing I have to add is that it's a slightly chemical composition, the bouquet of flowers. I will return upon this when I'll discuss Neom.

Compared to Diptique it is of a similar pricerange with more creative and exhilarating blends that I love to sample more in the next year.

2. Diptyque Ambre Oud Xmas 12 edition

The famous one

Diptique is one of those cult-candles that are easier to find these days. Still not too easy and absolutely not inexpensive either for € 59.90 for the larger candle. I gotten the mini version because I have various candles as the time being.

I found this a sexier candle when you like that muskier and broodier atmosphere. Personally, I am not a Oud fan but in combination of amber it makes it more sensual. I consider amber the headnote and I can somewhat detect some of the spices, most of all the saffran and ginger and some pepper, but my untrained nose cannot really detect the canelle or absint.

The glass absolutely matches the Xmas spirit but is still cute and quite art-deco enough to keep after Christmas. The fragance itself is not in your face Xmassy and that's what I like about it. You can link it to Xmas but it's not those pine & spruce trees candles. However, if you like those Diptyque will have the Sapin Dore for you.

3. Cochine Saigon Frangipani & Neroli

Scent-travelling Allure

I ordered two of their candles, and found this one containing the best fragance value. The glass consist of a beautiful mirroing silver with the tag of the brand on it, in paper. My candle is slightly stained after burning and I smudged its label a bit. That's the bit of the downside of labelling your candles with a paper tag.

Described as a scent evoking the image of "soft white sands, brushed with the shade of Frangipani trees swaying gently in the warm ocean breeze. Smooth, honeyed tones of Frangipani are combined with the delicate freshness of Neroli to create an uplifting summery fragrance".

The fragance has a summery or more of a tropical note, but I often reach for summer perfumes during winter as well for getting a whiff of the feeling of when-it-still-was-warm-and-sunny. Personally, the sensuality of the Frangipani makes it a tropical floral composition that has a certain warmness of 'dewiness' that makes it excellent during wintertime too.

Also matched by lotions and handwash, so you can prolong the experience of your favourite scent in different ways.
Zuneta is having a gwp of a free Vanille & Tabac travel candle when you buy £45 or more

4. Rituals Sweet Sunrise
Dutch Delight

I am quite proud this Dutch brand made it so big in other countries. Their products are really wonderful and the design of the packaging is also attractive.

Similar to Cochine Saigon, they have 5 different scent categories and scentual experiences that has been divided throughout their products. So, if you really like the Sweet Sunshine shower gel you might pair it up with a scented candle in the same range.
Rituals Sweet Sunshine Candle in matching orange colours
I picked Sweet Sunrise as I love Sweet Orange as a energiser, indeed, during sweet sunrises. I cannot really detect the cedar in it, but it has a slight spicy undertone. Overal, it's a zesty candle with that sweeter citrusy note that Sweet Orange evokes.

It's less complicated as a scent than Cire Trudon, Diptyque or Cochine Saigon but sometimes a couple of simple ingredients do the job, especially for perking up

Their price is affordable for only 14.94 for a candle (and this one was 10 on sale).

5. Neom Refresh

The Organic and Hollistic Scentifier

It's my lovingly used-up candle and it shows. I absolutely was crazy about Neom this summer (see one review here) and I tried a variety of their candles. My favourite has been Happy, but Refresh is a gorgeous morning candle that perks up the room without too much complicated ingredients in an honestly organic mode.

I said that my only drawback about Cire Trudon was the slightly chemical note towards this. Probably my nose has been spoiled or used to these organic and holistic candles. If you feel unsure about the sort of air a candle would be releasing toxins by burning, you can be more certain about burning Neom, The use vegetable wax and pure essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances so they burn without releasing harmful pollutants, toxins or soot. They claim to have holistic properties, which is not a field I specify in, but I feel happy about burning something that does not pollute the air.

If you want to try these out, I have a discount code of 20% off when you buy directly from their site: BS20.