Saturday, 31 March 2012

G-Market Haul twenty-something?

I always browse the sites that Korean auctionsite Gmarket puts up as the winners of the month. They often have a title that says: my 1st Gmarket haul, or Gmarket haul no 7.

I honestly lost count because I already had multiple hauls and didn't really count them, so that explains my title.
box no ? from gmarket

They absolutely make some sturdy boxes: my boyfriend loves them for storing purposes. That alone makes it worthwile to order from Gmarket ;P

the goodies
Ugh, sorry to be such a tease but I haven't gotten time to edit all pictures.

Maaaaybe tonight or tomorrow!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Tip Toed...

It's new shoes time...!

I jumped the bandwagon and got myself a pair of shiny noses that are actually really welcome...

These cap-toe shoes are such lovely pumps and I got this idea from the fashionblogs I've been following around. These are Topshop's and are a beautiful cream base with a gold-pink nose.

They are not that unique anymore, because Zara has them for a similar price and somewhat similar shade and another cute colour in turquoise. But I wanted a sweet nude for OL appropriateness.

Anything you bought lately that put (a) spring in your step?

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Winner Magic 500 Giveaway

Wow, I have been so overwhelmed with the sweet comments I got in the comment-section that I almost wanted to divide the price among all of you. But rules are rules and there can only be one winner, which is

No 5: Annika!

Congratulations Annika, I will mail you as soon as possible to set out the detail to give you the price.

And again, thank you so much for your heartwarming comments....

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Reminder: Magic 500 Giveaway

Hey peeps, 

If you haven't done so far, I just want to remind you to try your luck winning my Magic 500 giveaway. Just click on the photo beneath or this link.

It will end tomorrow at noon (Central European time).

Lash-ed and Unlashed: My Extention Experience

Normally I do reviews and some semi-personal account of my Mid-weeklies. Today I want to talk about beauty stuff I did outside of the creams-n-potions.

I have read a lot about eyelash extentions from English magazines and when I found a good deal in the Netherlands, I went for it. The magazines raved that they would feel like your own lash and would be almost effortless.

Hurray, I always was slightly envious of the long-lashed women around me that, even with the best mascaras, I could never come close to.
example of a before/after
The woman that would set my eyelashes was a short-haired brunette in her 40s and had some dramatic extentions that almost bordered to looking like Las Vegas Eyelashes. Strangely, as she said, the people around her "never saw that she had eyelash extentions", or, "they have never told her that she had something done about her eyes".

This story already questioned how honest the people in her surroundings actually are, or that they need glasses or such. I was also slightly worried that I would get 'exotic' Dancer lashes. I'm actually more of the natural type.

Anyway, I didn't run away and had to lie there for 2 hours straight, resulting in a pair of longer, but still somewhat natural lashes.
my eyes with extention (I changed eyecream after seeing this pic)
This was really lovely and the boyfriend didn't notice a thing: good work! With mascara they would look even more dramatic!

  • Pricy: The basic extentions costs me about 80 euros and refills are 30 or 40, depends after how many weeks you visit the place. That is quite some cash involved!
  • Time-consuming: The beginners-set takes 2 hours. Even for refills I had to lie there for 1 1/2 hours: quite time-consuming. Another thing is that eyelash bars are not really that common in the Netherlands yet, so I have to drive for at least 2 hours to get to the place.
  • Not-so-natural-feeling: I also tried a glossier type of extentions in another place: they felt really heavy and unnatural on the eyelids. So they were not the light-as-a-feather natural feeling. That woman, a girl in her 20s, didn't even wear them herself because she said she didn't like the feel of it: not quite the best advertising strategy.
  • Safety:  (I remembered thanks to Mary in Wonder's comment). In my experience of the extentions being done by two different women I can tell it has been done in a good way. However, the people who can set these extentions only do a relatively short course and I'm not even sure if they are legally bound to have a certificate. In the long run, these are people who are working really close to the eyes and the slightest mistake can cause a damage to the yes. The first woman was eating a candy while doing the procedure (she said she never ate breakfast and needed something to counter her faintness) and the second one was really hygienic but gave me a disclaimer to sign before that I couldn't really sue her if anything happened. 
I suppose you really take a risk making people who aren't trained opthomologist work really close to your eyes. In the end my vanity won over these concerns, but after trying this out I wouldn't venture on such a procedure that easily again.

Overall, it looks like an easy-to-go beauty treatment but I went back to primers & mascaras again. At the moment I am trying out the Lancome precious cells range and another eyelash growth serum. I hope to get slightly longer eyelashes this way. At least, I don't have to spend so much time for beauty anymore, that isn't even getting noticed that much.

Perhaps I will have some done in the future. I really like them before I go on a holiday, because I can dive into the sea and plunge around without having to bother to put on mascara/waterproof eyeliners or feel concerned about looking expressionless without eye-makeup on.

Any beauty-treatments you do/did that you find actually too much maintainance in the long run?

Friday, 23 March 2012

The Magic 500 Giveaway

Hello everyone!

♥ I finally reached the magic 500 followers so I will host this giveaway to show you how grateful I am ♥

Starting off:
  1. Latest Majolica Majorca mascara release Lash King in black: loved by Projectvanity and Thebeautyjunkee
  2. 3W Clinic handcream (Korean & from gmarket)
  3. Percy & Reed No Oil Oil Serum for thin hair: loved by Worshipblues & Beautyassistant
  4. Koji Spring Heart false eyelashes in 02 Natural Cute): loved by Najeru, also in this video 
  5. Clio Art eyeshadow duo in 1:  Seen on Lotuspalace (where has she been lately???)
  6. L'óreal Professional Nature Masque au Huiles for rebellious hair: Often seen as the more affordable (& still as good) as Kérastase Nutrive Oleo-Relax and loved by pinkmelon.
  7.  Etude House Face Designing Brightener: loved by the Muse and lots of Korean bloggers.
  8. Catrice Nailpolish in 460 Into the BronX: Metallics make a huge comeback in fashion so match your nails as an easy way to being update. Swatched & loved by Womenstemptations.
  9. Sheetmasks & facepacks! Featuring The Face Diary in Chocolate Truffle (2), My Sheming Grape Seed Extract Mask,  blushfully & me; VOV Daily Fresh Wash off Pack in Volcanic powder (2), Loved by Mona from Makemeblushhh & paperdollrevenge,
  10. A Dutch Miffy! Sweet, soft and cuddly.
I don't have the Dutch Miffy yet, but I will purchase it for the lucky winner!

What to do? And what not to do...

1. Make a comment or say something small in the comment section
2. Follow my blog by the standard Google Friend Connect
3. I should be able to contact you, so either leave your email behind, or, if you have it listed in your profile, I can contact you that way.
4. Contest ends on Wednesday, 28th of March 2012, 12.00 hrs European standard time).
5. You are only able to make one comment, so no cheaters who would like to double (or triple) their chances.
6. Winner will be announced in a new post after randomly being selected by
7. Please contact me with 2 days to claim your prize or another winner will be selected!
 8. Prizes will be shipped by airmail WORLDWIDE within 3 business days after winner contacts me!


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring Weeklies!

Wow, it's finally spring...about time!

To celebrate that I put on my most floraly fun shoes. Because, as you can see, it's time for a bit of fun in the ♥

Saturday, 17 March 2012

the Magic 500

Hurray! Thanks to the Fab People following Birkinbagbeauty I've reached the magic 500 followers:

I want to thank everyone who suscribed to my blog. Also, everyone who didn't suscribe but still takes the time to read my blog every now and then.

I know, I should give out a giveaway soon, and I WILL, but first I want to give away something really worthy for the magic 500. So check up on this space...

virtual hug,

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mid Weeklies

1. Graffiti and words

Something about graffiti and the persons who like to put up certain words. This one is kind of simple, but still complicated: 'ask'.
You probably had the good old 'just ask' sweet advice in the past and perhaps you kind of ignored that one too because you didn't want to look ignorant. Dutch culture sometimes can be quite blunt and forward into asking things directly and questioning/debating about lots of things.  Other cultures have different values and require a more indirect way of communicating. And sometimes, do you really like to know the answer on your question? Perhaps only the answer that would feel convenient to you?

You see, graffiti can make me a bit philosophical afterall...perhaps the maker intended that...perhaps not. I should ask him/her.

2. Beautiful vintage typewriters

This one looks so beautiful but I'm actually really glad the computers came up so corrections could be made easier and not with that wipe-out device on the machine. And before the wipe-out button on the typing machine, women just had to type over the whole page when they made just one mistake. Wow...perhaps this one would only go into the personal letters

Sunday, 11 March 2012

The NARS haul

I have been delightfully surprised by NARS spring range for 2012. Not that I have bought a lot, yet, but I really like the zest that comes from the colours.

Quite unexpectantly, for me at least, NARS released some other products as well. Actually, I already saw a promotion of the tinted moisturizer in some British glossy, so I wasn't completely surprised.

What did I get:

  • The Pure Radiant tinted moisturizer:
  • The 143 BLKR eyeshadow
  •  NARS threw in the freebie with the discount code: the Blush Super Orgasm in a mini size and their latest Pro Prime Pore Defining Primer
  1. Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz
Clearly, I went for the tinted moisturizer: I really like their Sheer foundation but I have days that less-is-more and I do not want to go out completely barefaced but still polished.

As for the colour, I went slightly darker because I wear my tinted moisturizers the most during summer. In summer I have a slight tan (mostly from faux-tans, my dears). Actually, I got another one than I initially ordered: I'm quite sure I decided to go for Annapurna (medium with peach undertone) and gotten St. Moritz.

St. Moritz has been described as a

Still, it looks matching on the browner tone of my arms (the colour I will resemble most in summer).

I haven't been trying it that much because I just got it. According to NARS it "helps reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots for a brighter natural glow".

 I'll keep an eye on that claim and hope to see the results on that one.

As for the finish: It really reminds me of my favourite Urban Decay tinted moisturizer. It smoothes down some irregularities without masking the face. I actually prefer it over Urban Decay right now, because it absorbs a bit faster into the skin.

       2. Freebie Pro Prime Pore Defining Primer
A NON-silicone emulsion that feels like a moisturizing milk. It feels really nice on the skin and I don't feel that too-present feeling that some silicone primers have.

Also, I just tested it once. I think it defines some of the larger pores and slightly contracts them. It isn't, like the silicone ones, a spackle buster (putting silicones in your pores to fill them up). I think more of it as a temporarily tightener for pores.

    3.     143 BLKR eyeshadow
NARS' compacts looks so beautiful when just out of the box
I have read tons of raves about Lhasa and it looked really good in swatches. I also had seen 143 BLKR online and seen them compared with Lhasa.  

Lhasa looked like the easiest, to go for taupe. That made it also a bit too similar to a couple of other taupes I have. Seeing the lavender undertone of 143 BKLR I decided I needed that one. Also, the fact that it is more difficult to get from other websites than the official NARS website. I'm a sucker for difficult-to-get, limited edition stuff: call it the hoarder and collecter in me :D

So beautiful, this dusty lavender
Yes, I have been trying it and I really like what it does to the greenness of my eyes. Also, as a bit of a fashion-lover, I like how it is a sort-of pastel colour without going sugar rush on me. It's like a grown-ups woman ticket to a bit of pastel on the eyelids and defining the colour.

I have read some reviews about bloggers regretting going for 143 BLKR over Lhasa and I believe it is a more complicated colour. It actually veers to the cool side and some eyecolours do not really come to live with a cooler hue. In general, I think reading a couple reviews of women who have similar colouring/eyecolour and makeup-strategies as you do can help you to decide if you need/want this shade.

I won't review the mini blush Super Orgasm. I would never use it on my cheeks because Hello Glitter but I actually like it as a peach colour on my eyes. It is pigmented as an eyeshadow too.

He he, nice one NARS. Still considering the Mexican Rose lippencil...that colour looks too good to pass away.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Beautyspotter: Edward Bess @ Strawberrynet

Good news for people who want to try out Edward Bess for a slight discount, or just order 1 EB without paying shipping fees

Edward Bess is on It doesn't have the complete range but quite some colours from his core collection.

I am still curious about the Bronzer in Daydream and perhaps I would like to try out one of his lipsticks. I told you that I was pleasantly surprised by the lipgloss in the Back To Basics palette, so I have to think that one over too.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mid Weeklies

1. Getting Paramaribo!

I think I said during the lust-have post that I would go the lippencil in Mexican Rose first, but then I realised I liked the NARS duo a bit better than yet another product for the lips. Moreover, I am not completely wild about my other lippencil which made me doubt the bright pink colour on the base of the texture.

Anyway, Paramaribo is amazing...I actually love that charteuse yellow colour better than the darker Olive toned hue because it is quite original in my stash. It works well with my colour of eyes and is bright enough to make a statement. And I really like NARS eyeshadow's texture for my eyes, a lot.

2. Sleepy lounger

I added this delightfully dozing cat for cute's sake. I love cats although they can really have a mind of their own.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Beauty-spotted: Coloured Mascara

I spotted this awesome picture on the website of the French Vogue...


I cannot believe how gorgeous this blue mascara looks on brown or hazel eyes. It's like her lashes do all the talking and her hair and face is wonderfully toned down...only a slightly rose-nude lipstick/lipbalm and a good foundation graces her face (probably some work on her brows too, but nothing too unnatural).

I entirely tracked down the purple version from my beauty drawer: it's from MakeupForever and I know purple has the ability to make green eyes stand out a bit more.

Absolute 80s revival for the ones who (slightly) remembered the coloured mascara...

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Glossybox: the Dutch version

I finally jumped on the Glossybox bandwagon and received my 1st Glossybox a couple of days ago.

I knew the Dutch version isn't going to be as funky as the other countries. The Glossyboxes provide products that you should be able to purchase easily in your own country. Well, Holland is lovely and we are getting more and more cosmetic brands (hello Burberry Beauty and Philosophy) but it still isn't the UK yet.

It still has a nice content: I am particularly curious for the Babor Derma Cellular face cream: I once was in training for a beautician (yeh really, I can still do some lovely facial massages) and I know that Babor is quite the brand.

The primer is useful too and I can finally use that highly raved egg-shaped EOS lipbalm too. As for Shiseido, it is not the most original but I know the Performance cream gets some praise...

Overall, a wonderful content for the price.