Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mid Weeklies

Almost forgot the mid-weekly quirkies for today...

The Fashionweeks & the makeup behind it...

Ahh, the delightful table of Dolce & Gabanna, I would love to have an extra room that has dressing tables like this (adding Burberry, NARS, Kose Addiction and some other brands to it as well).
But it is funny how the highlight is on clothes with the fashionweeks but the makeup and hair are important to set the mood as well.

I think the makeupartists really have to bring in the heavy goods for this last week, because all the models are tired, overworked and probably hungrier than ever. So I wonder what they will use to prep up their skins for the last weeks. Probably a heavy dose of SKII sheetmasks and a lot of undereye circle erasers.

I know a lot of beauty bloggers have a hidden makeupartist inside of them. However, for those that do...would you really like to work during the fashionweeks? It seems so hectic...

Oh, the Oscars were noteworthy too but I think that one will be covered all over...Especially the fact if the right leg of Miss Jolie was covered with makeup (it probably was, with some shaders and highlighers)...haha, what a weird hype, actually. Let the woman make funny poses, she probably did it on purpose anyway to break the standard posing rules.

PS: Were you inspired by the Academy Awards or the makeup at the fashionweeks?

Mid Weeklies

Quirky stuff?

1. Pastel Colours...

I like them a lot right now: perhaps the beginning of spring has to do with it...

2. Cities

I really would like to go to a city I have never been to. This one is Seoul, but I also like to go to a city such as Tokyo.

Friday, 24 February 2012


Nothing says Spring more than the arrival of blossom on the trees:

top left: Sombatnoi on Instagram
top right: Noonan_annie on Instagram
bottom left: Chiaradelle on Instagram
Bottom right: Sombatnoi on Instagram

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mid Weeklies

The last couple of days:

1. thinking about the romance of taking a roadtrip

I love the idea of taking a roadtrip, and I have done a couple in my life and liked them a lot. There's something romantic and utterly freedom about roadtripping, perhaps that has to do with Kerouac by writing On the Road or just the idea you can stay and go whenever you like (having fuel, money, etc, ofcourse)

2. Freedom

It's also a whimsical idea of releasing the bird from the cage. However, it should be clear that the bird is able to survive outside the cage in the wild...Some birds can, some cannot...

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cosmetically related: beauty-ful cases

Lately I have been toting around my cosmetics in the side pocket of my bag. It actually makes little sense to have a beautiful set of cosmetic products for on the road and decide to randomly tug them in the side pocket. So I am eyeing up a couple of beauty-ful cases to give my beauty-lovelies a better way of travelling

A lovely and springlike classic floral from Diane von Furstenberg:
This one is from Anya Hindmarch and is in a lovely peach with some fringy sides:
Something cute with pink poodles:

Or this one in Paisley:

Or, the one I am really lusting about (although I would store my cosmetics in another bag inside because I wouldn't dare to tarnish it's inside: Miu Miu Matelasse clutch

Anything pretty you stumbled upon lately?

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mid Weeklies

What is/has been so quirky about this week?

1. Carnaval season

I placed a picture of the more tropical variety, because that one has the most appeal on me now. Because there's something about Carnaval....  

2. The day after...

I think this quote says it all...although not every man will keep to this but a good (real) man does... 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Some newbies

I got a couple of new thingies:

I'm starting with pastel-coloured jeans and I decided to begin with a cheaper variety to see if I like having pastel-coloured jeans. This dusty rose colour is from NewLook.

Freebie Mascara with ElleUk 

It is from Soap & Glory and they went into NARS-territory to give it a sexually charged name. I kind of feel lewd saying I went to the bookshop for [...mentioning the name of the mascara...], so I won't...
They sell UK glossies in the Netherlands, but for the editions with freebies you have to go to Waterstones, that is based in Amsterdam.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Cast-off:

I have the original, the real Kerastase, but I wanted to try out the Syoss as well. It's not as good as the Kerastase but still pretty good in taming the fuzzies. Also the fact I got it half price (5 euro) makes it easier to reach for in instead of the expensive 30 euros from Kerastase.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

The beautiful feline face* Paul and Joe cheekstick in 03 Minou

Hello new paw-printed box!

You´ve seen the meetup...
but you haven´t gotten any review yet...

But today you will, but I will keep it a smaller review.

Paul & Joe went back to the kitty-cuteness of the earlier release in 2010. This time they went more original to add a cheek-stick with it. Blush-fan, such as I am, and feline lover, I went straight for it.

This time Paul & Joe kept to their original packaging of the creamy and ribbed plastic tube with the gold letters. The beautiful, but paper-based wand of the 2010 release was decorated with paisley. So lovely, but it smudges easily (as you can see below)

The icing on the cake is the cat's head...I really like the tiny hat its having on and there is a smoking tie added to it too. The colour is a peachy pink: really lovely.

I like the paw-prints on the inside of the lipstick


The colour translates in a peachy pink on my skin. The left picture (flash) shows a tiny hint of specks, but absolutely not too obvious on the cheeks.

Paul & Joe Cheekstick 03 Minou (left flash/ right natural light): 2 swipes!

I really like how I can use this on non-madeup, slightly madeup or quite madeup skin. The pigment is on the lighter side and spreads easily on the face without it being too creamy. For a higher colour-dimension, you can add another layer.
I absolutely like how girly but still quite natural the colour looks on my face.
I have quite some colours in my blush-stash, still I consider this one to be quite unique. Perhaps that has to do with the fact I do not go for pinks too much.


You saw that I protected my 2010 lipstick a lot because I found it too cute to use. However, I am afraid I will use this one a lot: I probably keep the face intact for as long as possible, so it might resemble a cat with a hourglass figure soon ;P

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mid Weeklies

So it's time for another Mid Weekly Quirkology session...

1. Winter stuff

I'm kind of boring today to give you the umpteenth picture of snow...but that what kept most of the people busy this weekend, a festival of winter-related activities. Lots of Dutch people love to skate on nature-ice so most people ventured on the ice again. Not me, but I went for a snow-walk which was quite refreshing...

2. Skin related measures against the cold.

I got the La Roche Posay out against redness, the Rosaliac cream. I like the feel of the cold on my face but I don't want the flush to be permanent: I prefer to take the faux way to blush with my massive collection of blush that I have.

How is the weather at your place and how do you protect/care your skin related to the weather?

Monday, 6 February 2012

Sweeten my Lips: 2 new peachies

It was the moment I gave up on being able to purchase my Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Flirt that I finally came into a shop that
1. had it in stock
2.had a lovely salesperson to sell it to me.

I finally was able to buy it!
I wonder why they combined the name 'Flirt' with 69, coincidence? or not?

So what is that tall & skinny Lavshuca lipstick standing next to it? Well, Lavshuca was my pity-buy for not being able to have the Chanel. But you know the moment you order a look-a-like online that faith brings you into the arms of the true one..

Ok, I actually like them both a lot for different reasons: they are also not alike at all. Lavshuca is a safe, neutral peach and Chanel is the happier peach with a slight dose of bright/neon quality in it...the sheerness makes it subtle enough to wear it for the lipstick-safe among us. 

In Dutch we would say 'he he', which is something like 'fjew, finally' or such...:D

Friday, 3 February 2012

The Tranquil One: Neom candle in Inspiration

I couldn't have given myself a more difficult task than to describe the scent of a scented candle, so I won't...

However,  I would like to share a wonderfully tranquil and inspiring scented candle with you that are not as hyped yet as Dipytique and the likes...Ánd, they are organic as well!

As far as my description goes, it smells like a field of grass in on a warmer summer day. Perhaps you have been relaxing with your friends or your lover on a picknick blanket, and afterwards you pick up your blanket feeling rosy because of the sun and the wine you had, and you smell the crushed flowers and grass and the warmth of the summer's day.

Or, according to Neom themselves:

Quite accurate too...and who doesn't want some extra inspiration and a scental reminiscence of summer during the last days of the winter?

I bought the travel size, which is a fair enough size to burn for a couple of hours. To compare it with it's famous sister Diptyque travel candle, it has more hips ;P

left: Neom Candle / right: Dipytique
You can buy Neom from,, and some other sites. The travel size retails for £13.00

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Feline Meet-up: Paul & Joe Cheekblush in Minou

Today I witnessed the meet-up of two really cute feline beings...

Here is 2010 meeting up with 2012: they look alike but one is a lip hugger and the other one into the Cheeky...

The hat is so cute (Minou being on the left)...

I couldn't make any swatch pictures today so this is the only post of the meetup of Clair de Lune lipstick of 2010 and Minou of 2012.

Well, as you can see that my Clair de Lune is still quite photo-ready, so I have been so gentle with using her. That is a bit of the danger of cosmetics that are too cute: you barely touch them and just go "aww & owww" over them.

Mid Weeklies

Yesterday's post was already quite summary/mid-weekly, but it was all about beauty so I do my regular mid-weeklies as well for today that is about more than just the beauty of the face:

Gotta keep things a bit predictable, right?

1. My habit of wearing summery fragance in the midst of Winter. I really like my Byredo perfume in Palermo. I have a soft spot for Italian (citrusy/fruity) coast-inspired scents and this one really fits the bill.

2. Romance: Valentine right? I love this picture of the girl on the back of his bike, both basking in the sun.

3.Hiraki Shimoda sweet but Creepy Kids...find more of his pastel-coloured world over here.

4. Icy Sunsets...I love all kinds of visible sunsets