Monday, 28 November 2011

Glorious Giveaway: Mac, Emma Hardie, My Beauty Diary

I thought it was time to give out a giveaway to my faithful readers on the blog.

I decided to keep it small but full of quality items. Somehow I wanted to keep everything for myself again, because I like the things I will be giving away, but I can use some more space in my closet and I like to treat my readers a bit.

What can you win?

1. Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm:
  I reviewed this one yesterday and shortly I liked this one for the luxurious vibe. I received an extra travel size, which is the one I will be giving away. I also include their high-quality dual sided cleansing cloth. I featured pictures of that cloth over here

2. Mac Eye shadow mineralize duo in Fresh Green Mix.
Brand new...this will look stunning on all kinds of eyecolours, but especially brown hues.

3. My Beauty Diary Chocolate truffle Sheet Masks: 3 pieces.
A true staple in my cosmetic wardrobe, the My Beauty Diary Masks. These with Chocolate truffle really smell a bit chocolately. Perfect for infusing some moisture and pampering into winter-dry skins.

4. Kawaii Doll & MP3 player earplugs...
Also new, ofcourse...for the cuteness factor.

How do you make a chance to win it all?

1. Make a comment or say something small in the comment section

2. I should be able to contact you, so either leave your email behind, or, if you have it listed in your profile, I can contact you that way.

3. I do not want to oblige you to follow the blog just for the giveaway, so you can join even if you do not wish to follow my blog.

4. Contest ends on Thursday, 1st of December 2011, 15.00 hrs European standard time, GMT +1)

5. You are only able to make one comment, so no cheaters who would like to double  their chances.

6. Winner will be announced in a new post after randomly being selected by

7. Please contact me within 2 days to claim your prize or another winner will be selected!
8. Prizes will be shipped by airmail WORLDWIDE within 3 business days after winner contacts me!
 So, good luck!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Cleansing Balms: reviewing Emma Hardie, Liz Earle & Eve Lom

Cleansing balms have been on the stage for quite a while. Perhaps more popular in the UK than elsewhere, but they start to reach a more international crowd thanks to bloggers review and international web-shopping.

As I normally veer towards Asian cosmetics, I am already familiar with cleansing oils. Most of my Asian readers and quite some Western readers already know that something that sounds far away from a cleansing device, (oil???), can be one of the better ways to remove makeup and respecting a dryer/sensitive skin.

Reading about cleansing balms, I kind of got a similar expectation, only hightened by the fact that
  • cleansing balms are perfect for a small, pre-skincare massage, thus I expected an improvement in skintone
  • even a more softer way of removing makeup than cleansing oils, and better suited for dryer (skin with dry patches) or dehydrated skin.
So, in a shorter times, thanks to some curiosity (Liz Earle), online deals (Emma Hardie freebie) and the friendliness of a niche shop-assistant providing me a freebie of Eve Lom, I had 3 types of cleansing balms to compare.

Funny that all these cleansing balms have women's names...I like that a makes it more personal...

Let's go for their full names, featuring the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm & Eve Lom Cleanser (hurray, a shorter name)

Cleansing Balms: Liz Earle, Emma Hardie & Eve Lom

I don't want to repeat too much on what most beauty-afficionados already know, nor do I want to leave out things.

I think every cleansing balm on the market these days comes with the direction to cleanse the skin with a special cleansing cloth. Often, they are provided by the brand themselves.

Eve Lom is the most cult and perhaps the most popular of the three. But I think that in the UK has Liz Earle on the no. 1 spot. Eve Lom retails for approximately $50 and I think Liz Earle around $20.

Emma Hardle is a newbie on the field, so I will dedicate some special attention on that one.

The travel-size packaging and cloth:

I think the look of the brand's packaging looks a lot like the brands you can buy at beauty salons, such as Decleor, Guinot or Natura Bisse. A clean, white packaging with some gold and blue. Quite fresh and spa-like.

Similar to the cloth they provide: It is a dual-sided cloth:

One side is a softer, cushion-y texture that reminds me of fiber-cloth wipes. The other side is a flatter and somewhat scrub-like, harder texture. Emma Hardie suggests that you can alternate the softer side for the sensitive parts of the face (or when you have sensitive skin in general) and the harder side on the parts you would like to have more exfoliation, such as the T-zone.

Compared to Liz Earle, I prefer this cloth. Liz Earle only provides you with a cloth that has the exfoliating/harder fabric. I have read some complaints about that online, and I can imagine that this dual-sided cloth is more versatile and feels more spa-like.

Back to the 3:

Liz Earle (on the left) comes in a handy pump-tube. Emma Hardie in a pot, and normally Eve Lom comes in a pot as well.

For hygienic reasons I would prefer the Liz Earle.

The texture of the Liz Earle is like a balmy, milky cream.: (see white part out of nozzle):

Emma Hardie and Eve Lom are that buttery balm texture. Emma Hardie a bit thicker than Eve Lom:

On the skin:

I could not help to notice that Eve Lom melts away the fastest, becoming a runny melted butter. Emma Hardie melts a bit, but doesn't become runny. Liz Earle stays the same blob as applied first.

Adding a spritz of water:

All three become a milky substance that makes it easy to massage the makeup of the skin. Eve Lom is perhaps the thinnest of the two.

After wiping away the residue with a cleansing cloth, the skin is cleaned. The Liz Earle and the Emma Hardie have no residue left. Eve Lom still has a bit of buttery layer.


All three are suitable for cleaning up a heavy dose of makeup or other grime of the skin. The difference is in the feeling, the scent and the overal luxury feeling of cleansing.


Liz Earle is the freshest scent with a dash of Eucalyptus. Perhaps good for mornings when you are a bit groggy.
Emma Hardie reminded me of Decleor nightbalms...deliciously scented with heady essential oils, such as Orange, Neroli and Mandarin ,Jasmine, cedarwood and Rose. It really gives out that spa-like, beauty salon experience.
Eve Lom smelled like plain-old petrolium. I don't know if that would be so because it was a decanted sample, but I expect a bit more sustainablity of a nice scent (or neutral scent) when you are such a cult-product for such a price.


Liz Earle stayed the balmiest on the skin, until the water came in.
Emma Hardie became a bit more liquidy but Eve Lom's texture became a bit too runny.
I prefer when the texture stays put, until I add water. So you can massage and target the area a bit better.The after-feeling of Liz Earle and Emma Hardie are the best. Although I believe that I prefer Liz Earle's scent for when I have sensitivity issues, because the overly heady combination of Emma Hardie lingers a bit too long on the skin.

Luxury factor:

That one goes to Emma Hardie, with Liz Earle as a runner up. She provides superior ingredients in her balm, such as Moringa seed extract, Wild Sea Fennel and Vitamin E and the scent is luxurious as well. The cloth is superior to Liz Earle's.
Also, the fact she includes a whole sheet of massage instructions, has a video online with more massage  techniques and a plethora of ways to become your own beauty therapists ups up the luxury factor.
 Liz Earle still deserves a good runner-up spot for it's fresh eucalyptus scent, the milky cream that stays put on the skin until you emulsify it with water. And I actually prefer the pump above the pot.
I am not a fan of Eve Lom by the sample I received. I would prefer either Emma Hardie or Liz Earle's  based on scent, texture, and cleansing experience.


Eve Lom is the most expensive for £50.00 for 100 ml. Emma Hardie is still quite hefty for £34.00 for 100 ml. Liz Earle is a £ 13.75 for 100 ml.

Am I a cleansing balm convert now?

Not really, or perhaps not yet. I feel my skin has become more sensitive these days, and the heavier the cleansing method, the more I feel my skin feels iffy about it. So I still opt for my more liquidy cleansing oils, actually. However, I think I will enjoy these products more when I reach springtime and the sensitivities will lessen.

But if you like to try a cleansing balm for free: keep an eye on my blog because I will include an new, generous travel size Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa cleansing balm in a giveaway soon!!!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Brightly Brunette: Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care Mask in Warm Chestnut

Seasonal colour change: it's not just nature but sometimes our hair cooperates as well.

Basically I am not the most experimental with haircolour, but I do like to vary a bit during the season. During the summer I often opt for that mixed bronde colour (somewhat between brunette and blonde). However, when Autumn arrives I like to make a colour decision and decide to leave the beachy blonde in my hair for what it is and go back to my warm-brunette nature.

I thought it would be handy to try out a caring hairmask with a temporary colouring effect. Reviews pointed me to Christophe Robin's colour hair masks, which was a good excuse to try out more pampering haircare with the benefit of a deeper and glossier colour. .

Christophe Robin, as you  might guess, is not your cheap-as-chips and easily available haircare range. I bought mine in a niche-shop in Rotterdam, and I believe you can find it online.

I found an interesting element in the FAQ of Christophe Robin's website that I found remarkably refreshing to read. I tend to veer towards my mid-30s, and I notice that the common advise for Caucasian, slightly fairskinned women is to go more blonde. Remarkably, Christophe Robin has the next thing to say about that:

click on the picture for larger letters ;D

Let me requote:

"blonde actually tends to emphasise dark circles under the eyes. Caramel, subtle copper and golden shades create a healthy glow and are very sensual"

Wow, it is something I knew intuitively and noticed on other women: blonde can look cute and refreshing in summer when having a tan (that masks dark circles and tiredness) but it can make the face look slightly washed out (talking about the pale blonde) without makeup/tan.

So my choice for a warmer chestnut isn't so weird after all.

Nevertheless, hair colour is as personal as you like it to be, so it is the person who wears it that should be happy about it, after all!

The back of the jar advises to leave on the mask from 5 to 30 minutes, and the longer the mask is left in, the stronger the colour. It claims the colour result stays for approximately 3-5 shampoo washes.

The jar of the mask is made of a sturdy black plastic. It contains a lot of product, relatively. It is also quite concentrated and pastlike, so you don't have to use much to cover your hair.

The colour is between a reddened brown and a standard brown.


I used this mask for the longest time on the jar: 30 minutes and wrapped in cling-film for a better result. I noticed the lighter parts of my hair were slightly darkened, but not something dramatically. The rest of my hair is already a chestnut brown so I couldn't really distinguish a strong colour change beside of a glossier finish and the lighter parts being made a bit darker.

However, I think this mask would work if my hair starts to get grey strands. I think it has enough colour to mask them a bit without dying. That would also mean you have to take regular masks (after every 2 washes) in order to keep the grey out of sight.


A slightly chemical baby powder scent: not really matching with the somewhat natural vibe of the mask (without silicons etc) but effective in having that clean-hair scent.


I wouldn't consider it to be a deep-treatment compared to my spoiled nature of Kerastase Masks and the likes of it, however, it gives a glossy finish that glistens in sunlight. But for severe dryness I would suggest taking another mask first or use some extra leave-in treatment, e.g the Kerastase Elixir Ultime oil.
It is without silicons, which can be a pro when you like your hair to detox from silicones, but a con when you prefer to have that bit of slip in your hair.
Ingredients: (from their website)
The products contain natural ingredients and plant extracts which combine several actions :
  • Nourish and hydrate the hair : oils (lavender, palm, olive, wheat germ, apricot kernel, Volubilis nut, sunflower, peach, Buriti), almond butter and St John’s wort extracts.
  • Protect the hair from sun : sunscreens and oils.
  • Fortify the hair : A-E-F vitamins and wheat proteins, rice proteins, pulp of philodendron tree and barley, honey.
  • Lighten and illuminate : camomile, cornflower lemon zest extracts.
  • Maintain the color : blueberry, vitamin E (very powerful natural antioxidant), omegas 3 and 6 and tocopherols.
  • Revive shades and restore your hair to a radiant, pure color with completely natural effects : Fiorentina iris, carrot oil, cocoa butter and licorice extract.
Formulated with an acidic pH, our products respect the scalp and hair pH and counterbalance the alkaline pH of the oxidizing coloring products.
Their acidic pH formula tightens hair scales and helps avoid coloring pigment loss.
Alcohol dries whereas silicone gives volume and conditions but does not treat the hair.
The ingredients used in the products are as detergent free as possible so as not to irritate the scalp.


I bought the mask for 35 which gives you 250 ml or 8.25 fl oz. That is 50 ml more than you would get from a Kerastase mask, as they just give you 200 ml and retail in the hairdressers salon for 35 as well (you can get better deals online from or, though).

I cannot compare those two anyway, because Christophe Robin Shade variation aims for colour enhancement in the first place, but I just added this difference in content to show you that they are expensive, but not ridiculously different from the product that quite some women (and men) would allow to pay for their hair by buying Kerastase masks.

Repeat buy?

I actually bought the Chic Red one when it came with a lovely deal (a travel size lemon cleansing balm) but I have to see if it really makes me more reddish. But as I said, I wouldn't buy this mask only for the conditioning/repairing although it still has some good ingredients and conditioning properties.

You can buy it from their own website or from and the colours vary from Red, Ash brown, baby blonde, golden blonde. I actually miss a jet black, btw...they should add that colour as well.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Review: Kanebo Lunasol Coffret Xmas 2011

Hello, it's here!

Hold tight, because I will have pictures and swatches of almost everything, that is a lot for one post but I decided to keep it in one post.

The only thing I won't be swatching is the eyeshadow palette. (I'll keep that one for later).

I already had high expectations based on the promotion pictures I saw (talked about it here). I have been slightly enamourated with the clutch and I know from previous Lunasol Xmas editions that they seldom dissapoint...sometimes they repeat the best-sellers, but for me that is not such a problem because that has given me the opportunity to (finally) have one of the bestsellers that are always sold-out.

The shine on that clutch is already amazing.

But eventually I bought it for the shiny thingies inside, right?

Lunasol provides its coffret with 4 full sized products:

1. the Skin Contrast Face Powder in 01 Glow
2. Full Glamour Gloss in EX19 Tender Glow Pink
3. Cream Cheeks in EX 04 Tender Glow Pink
4. Eyeshadow palette in EX 01 Tender Glow Beige Brown

So let's look at everything in the same order!

1. Skin Contrast Face Powder in 01 Glow

I was most curious about this: I wondered if it would be an overly shimmery/glittery powder or a powder for blotting/diffusing the face. I hoped for the last.

And YES! It's mainly a face powder for setting makeup:

Still, if you click on the pictures you can see a tiny glitter/fleck appearing. I don't really mind. One of my favourite face powders is from Jill Stuart and they are based on the same principle -> with a tiny hint of shimmer to make the powder feel less flat on the face.

Blended in the skin:

I really like the soft-diffusion effect...I think you can see the difference between the powdered part and the non-powdered parts: but in a good way because the powdered parts have that softly-lit or airbrushed finish.

I think it holds away the oilies for a good couple of hours. It is also non-scented and that is brilliant. It doesn't irritate my skin as well and it feels soft on the skin.

That's my temporary review: I will have to road-test it for a couple of days more to give out a definite review :D

2. Full Glamour Gloss in EX19 Tender Glow Pink

It's a clear pink gloss without any shimmers. The foot on the applicator is slightly bended for a better reach on the lips.

The colour:

I do not think it changes the lip-colour a lot, but it is perfect for that glossy finish without a tacky feeling. It almost feels like a high-end lip treatment. The pink/rosiness gives the lips that bit of extra.

Overal, a safe colour as an extra over lipstick or for a slightly fuller pout on its own.

3. Cream Cheeks in EX 04 Tender Glow Pink

I have seen a lot of raves blogwise so I was really glad this product is included in the set. I could finally get my hands on this blogger's favourite.

The colour is a warm but light pink, infused with flecks


I am somewhat surprised that it is quite light. I am already such a pale-face but this one looks more light a pink-toned highlighter than a blush. 

I might be used to liquid blush that has a bit more coverage/pigment in it, such as my By Terry liquid blush and my Inglot liquid blush/highlighter (here). But it is still perfect for creating a sweet highlight.

4. Eyeshadow palette in EX 01 Tender Glow Beige Brown

So I haven't swatched this one yet. But it looks so versatile and promising in the pan. I can already distinct 8 colours in a handy size!

As for the tiny strips? I don't mind. I cannot remember if I ever finished any eyeshadow in my life: I'm just too fickle for that and I like to vary my eyeshadows (or days I don't wear them at all).

I will swatch it as soon as possible ;D

The best surprise has been the clutch and the quality of that one!

It is of marvelous fake-fur quality: I love the taupe tones and the velvet brown ribbon:
The inside is such an ON-TREND velvet.

It truely can double as a fashion-item for toting around.

But it is not only beautiful: it has been zippered on both sides so you can divide your makeup/mobile/money safely and handily:

Lunasol's label is displaced on one side of the zippered compartments:

I sound like I am completely hired by Lunasol to pimp out their new Coffret, but I honestly have to say I am superenthousiastic by myself and it is probably the best Xmas palette from Lunasol ever, perhaps even the best Xmas set ever.

There are items inside that are normally $60 on its own (the eyeshadow palette) so the whole set is such a bargain.

I hope my pictures and review has helped you to make a decision. If you decide to buy it, adambeauty still have it up for $92 (here).

EDITED: I swatched and reviewed the eyeshadow quad in this post over here

Ohhhh, Lunasol Coffret Xmas 2011

Loook! I got SUPER mail today:

Yes, it is a teaser post but I already looked at it and swatched it so I will let you know later...

But it is a FANTASTIC set, better than expected, so keep your eyes fixed on this blog for pictures soon...

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Mid Weekly

Kind of a dull week, so not too many quirks to talk about, but still...

1. Fog, Fog, Fog...
It caused some high-profile accidents in Germany and it made everything somewhat mysterious, but sometimes somewhat dull.

2. Burberry Counter

As some entertainment I went to check out Burberry Makeup again. I really like my no 7 Earthy blush a lot, because my pale skin cannot use any normal bronzer without looking fake. This taupy brown gives my face some definition and some warmth.
Did I buy something: duh? But not too much, only my second lipstick from their line.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Review: Kanebo Kate Rouge HG in PK-17

Curiosity got the best of me, again.

Ok ok, I had been browsing through my well-extended lipstick wardrobe and rationalised the fact that I absolutely didn't need another one. But I loved the fact that Kanebo Kate had launched a new lipstick in their sleek black design...

I rationalised the purchase that it would be good for the blog and updating the other beauty/lip fanatics ;D and that I was quite curious too how the Kate one would cover/moisturize and feel on the lips.

When it arrived and unpacked: I loved the fact that it looks quite expensive and chic. The 'waves' on the tube make it original and easy to hold and the square shape is handy for preventing your lipstick rolling around everywhere.

The material is a metallic-kind and sturdy. I can see it surviving Birkie-usage for lots of months without losing its chic appearance.

Adambeauty gave the next description of the lipstick:

柔潤豐澤,持續潤飾双唇, 打造豐盈胞满的水感美唇.

Which google.translate translated into this:
The ultimate sense of water features lipstick.
Gentle Fortress, continuous polished lips, cell full of water to create a sense of abundance beauty lips

Yeh, the fun you can have with google translation, right? Anyway, the highlight in on 'water', so I rated it as a highly moisturizing lipstick.

In fact, it ís a highly moisturizing lipstick. For Japanese skincare afficionados: think Kanebo Lavshuca Moisture Melting Rouge (perhaps a tiny tad less moisturizing but só close). For the drugstore afficionados: think Dior Addict lipstick.

Sorry to have a irregular shape on the picture -> I made pictures before I used it, but they were rubbish, so I had to make them better after I used it:

So, you can already see it is a dewy lipstick from the picture.

On the skin:

It gives that lipbalm/gloss coloured hybrid that Dior Addict and Lavshuca moisture melt has as well. Polished and coloured enough but not really lipsticky.

The colour was more rosy and pink than I expected from the swatch online. It looks more nudish in that one:

Anyway, I am quite happy with this rosy lipstick. It offers the moisture I need in this winter. I often have to skip the heavy, opaque lipsticks because my lips do not feel that confortable in them and this is just lovely.


Affordable to cheap/medium for $13

A++. It looks so stylish with the waves and black metallic. Making it better and more resistant than the Lavshuca Moisture melt or even some departure store brands

A. A dewy consistency that feels lushious on the lips. Still, the Lavshuca moisture is a tiny bit more moisturizing.

More of a lipbalm/gloss coverage. But most Japanese lipsticks aim for a natural dewiness instead of the fully made up pout, so it is just what your goal is.

A stylish, hydrating lipstick that you can put on without having too much thoughts about it. I might buy some other colours in the future, perhaps the darker RS-10 one for a Berry-glossy mouth.

Purchased: I got it on

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Lunasol Coffret Xmas 2011 on Adambeauty

I'm not a person to pimp out websites but I would like to let my readers know that the Lunasol Coffret Xmas 2011 has been launched on

I haven't seen that many swatch pictures online yet, but the cream cheeks is a regular of their line, and swatched by worshipofblues, among a relatively large group of people who really like this blush.

It has been a wishlist item since spring 2011.

The whole set, as most Lunasol Xmas coffret, looks like a brilliant deal. And that furry pouch: tres 2011!

I wonder if the powder is a matte one without sparkles. I hope so!

If it has been sold out, I've also seen it on and Only a bit more expensive.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Mid Quirkies...

It's an early post on the mid-quirkologies this week, but it feels so midweek I just want it to be wednesday already :D

1. Magnetic Fields:

I think Nails Inc started the magnet nailpolish hype and it has its highstreet-clones already. But their 13 pound is quite pricy so I don't blame the highstreet clone-nation. This one is from Essence is really craptastic! Sorry to say but I only had 1 nail that started to have that lovely marbled effect and I tried dozens of times...Blah! Still a nice colour on itself.

2. Bahia Carnaval, Brazil

It has been getting really wintery over here. Some people might like it and get nostalgic over wintertime, but for me it's just plain cold. I read a lot of travel brochures these days, indulging in sheer escapism by looking at places and events that look warm, happy and colourful.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Burberry Beauty in Holland: Late to the Party

Friday I was in for a major surprise when I went into the Douglas as I saw a stand with Burberry Beauty.

I had to rub my eyes twice to see I wasn't dreaming: I wasn't.

Anyway, I seem to be late at the party because Burberry Beauty has been over here for about 2 months.

How come I didn't know?

Ok, I read lots and lots of beautyblogs (see blogroll) but I do not go too much on Dutch beautyblogs because I often find them a bit too positive about everything. I mean, are they sponsored or such?

Anyway, here is an article in Dutch so if you're interested you can google-translate it and see a funny translation, hopefully the words are translated in a better writing style than the Dutch words...

So I had a modest haul, already stocked with British versions of Burberry Beauty (the foundation, lipstick, powder) and went for a blush in a shader-like colour and the highly raved eyeshadow in Midnight Brown:

my first Dutch & modest Burberry haul

The salesgirl didn't want me to make pictures of the Burberry stand: I asked politely and she said there were some policies about that...ok, fair enough. But sorry for you guys (perhaps I will make a sneaky pictures soon, ssssstttt)

So, if you are in Holland (or live here) you can find Burberry fairly easy in Douglas Laren, Douglas Den Haag (the Hague) or Douglas Arnhem.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Mini-review: Darphin Anti-Fatigue Smoothing Eye Gel & Antipodes Rejoice cream

Again, after yesterday's post I will be featuring another Antipodes product. But to make it a bit rounder I will add the Darphin Anti-Fatigue smoothing eyegel too.

Perhaps not entirely visible on the picture above, but I finished the Darphin Anti-fatigue eye gel completely. In contrast: the tube of Antipodes Rejoice is still half full, and I probably won't be emptying that one either.

Starting with my finished one:

Darphin Anti-Fatigue Smoothing Eye Gel

I think I bought this based on lots of positive reviews. I only have to say that I really liked this as a thin eyecream for in the morning.

 What I liked about it:

It does what it tells you: ok, sort of! I live a healthy lifestyle so I couldn't test it after a night out or when having a hangover, because I almost never have that. Still, my eyes are prone to hang a bit, especially the eyelids, and I feel the cafeïne working and slightly lifting it in the morning. Without any irritations.

As far as the anti-ageing oh, I seem to forgot to smile in my life so my eyewrinkles are not as developed as my frown and surprise wrinkles...hahaha. But it seems to be working as well keeping everything tightened and hydrated. Another plus: it's almost scentless.

Let me include a chart/claims from their website:


Nothing specifically. Perhaps it could be cheaper or a pump-tube, but I the plastic tube was convinient enough.

Antipodes Rejoice cream

So the love for one product of a brand doesn't have to end up in liking all of their products. For the record: I did like it enough to empty half of the tube. If it would be totally craptastic I would have binned it after a couple of uses.

What I liked about it:

The scent is a very soft vanille. It was also rich enough for my skin and it was conforting in period when my skin was not so sensitive


The richness of the cream translates in a sort-of semi-balmy texture, but still a cream. Now, approaching wintertime, my skin gets more sensitive and the stickiness of the balm that seems to linger on my skin too long begins to become not so pleasant. 
I also do not like the old-fashioned handcream-type of tube. It is one of those metallic-type tubes.


I got the Darphin eyecream from and the Antipodes is available over there too...It seems they updated the tube into a plastic one so that has improved at least

Review: Antipodes Divine Face Oil

In this post I will review one of my latest finished discoveries: the Antipodes Divine Face Oil.

So why go natural or organic?

Natural skincare or organic skincare has become a whole lot better through the years. Lots of effective ingredients in skincare these days are...GASP...actually found in nature...(e.g. here).

So I believe in the power of (some) natural and organic brands and products and find some to be quite effective for sensitive and trying-to-prevent-ageing skin.

Antipodes Divine Face Oil
The Antipodes bottle already has some kind of organic-brand exterior with it's brown bottle and green label. Also, the stamp of approval being organic is one of the main parts of the label.

The  main  ingredients are listed on the front: Orange rind, jasmine petal and pure advocado oil.

Antipodes is proud to be an organic brand and to be certified as such as well.

Clearly, they only use organically produced ingredients:

Avocado Oil, Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Amyris Balsamiferia Bark Oil, Sandlewood Oil, Jasmine Oil, Orange Oil, Vitamin E, benzyl benzoate, benzyl salicylate, cirtnellol, d-limonene, farnesol, geraniole, isoeugenol, linalool - all components of the essential oils. This skincare product is certified organic by IFOAM. Contains certified organic ingredients. 100% natural & 95% organic.

They do recommend to finish your product within 3 months after opening to guarantee freshness and the effectiveness of their ingredients.

Promises Promises:

Scientifically shown to stimulate Type I collagen in human skin fibroblast cells by up to 51%*.
Give a lift to tired, stressed and sun-damaged skin with this nutrient-rich, certified organic face oil that helps to deliver essential nourishment for fresh, healthy skin. The superior collagen boosting action of avocado oil helps reduce the appearance of lines and age spots, while added rosehip helps avocado oil target scars and wrinkles.

old-fashioned but effective dropper

On the Antipodes website is an elaborate explanation of the properties and the benefits of each ingredients.

Also, they claim it is a light oil that penetrates easily without being too greasy. I have to agree on that note.:

Oil on the skin:
My opinion:

I used this oil for two months and I finished the whole bottle -> that says something about that I liked the product.

Fair enough!

Why did I liked this oil?

I had been using oils before for nighttime care, normally on top of my chosen serum. If you are not used to oils as skincare, it can take some time to get adjusted to it...but never wait too long because it has to suit you- your skincare ritual - and your personality as well.
However, I like how it takes care of dehydrated to somewhat dryer parts of my skin at night. And for the people who claim their skin is oily/combination -> not all oily serums are created equal so there are oils that are super-beneficial for combination to oily skins as well.

So I had tried their more expensive Joyious oil in the past (review here). The scent of this oil was slightly different: actually more suitable for nighttime snoozing than their refreshing berry of the Joyious oil. I particulary smelled Ylang Ylang and the soothing Jasmine. Both I find relaxing for nightime. So I like the scent a lot.

I used it combined with other serums so I cannot say too much if it was anti-aging - soothing - etc. However, it gave my skin that wonderfully healthy and somewhat plumped texture in the morning. I know I don't get that from a thin serum alone, so it had to be the oil.

Also, I noticed that my excema dissapeared during the time of use. I don't know if it was by very healthy eating and summertime, but it I found it to be soothing on my sensitive skin.

It is also reasonably priced. Scentwise and price-wise I prefer this one over the Joyious oil. It retails for £18.99 for which is a good price for effective skincare. (the Joyous I used before was almost double the price by £36.99).

I bought this serum from