Sunday, 28 June 2009


When I picked up my packet of Gmarket last friday, I almost swore that I would never order from them again. I had to pay the taxes from the Custum office, and that would be the third time in a row. I mean, I only hauled small for approximately 55 euros, and I had to pay 25 euros tax.

my heart always beats faster seeing this box: it means GMARKET goodies!

But then, I opened the box and fell in love...with my new goodies. I haven't been this enthousiastic about a blush/bronzer hybrid before...but check out my pics ;D

THAT blush/bronzer I just wrote about is one of the newest cheek-pretties from Banila Co. It is named Copacabana. Banila Co has lauched a new bronzy line for the summer, which, according to me, seems to be the latest trend in Korean skincare, as Etude House has been lauching 'Top Ten', which focuses on bronzed skin as well.

Swatches and a mini-review will follow next week!

Lotree always keeps my interest. I love their powders, powdered foundations and lipsticks. I bought their latest powder from them, The Moisture Skin Primer Pact, a small BB cream and received a pretty salmony pink lipstick too.

I bought this under items no 162093374

I also bought something completely different! I was browsing the shoes-department of gmarket and found these cartoon-esque sneakers. How cute! He he, I managed to pick the right size as well (thanks to the converter page).

I bought these shoes from seller NONAMES under code 118891489. I picked design A, but check out the other cute designs too.

So, even though I was bummed about the tax I had to pay over such a small haul, I still adore my goodies and I am incredibly glad to have them.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Etsy-tastic: simbiosisbyjulia, TheNebulousKingdom & munica

One of the things I like about it its international character. Last week I received some extraordinary goodies from places like the US (Oregon), France and Argentina. Creativity roams around the world, and I am so happy it is visible on a place like etsy.

The first haul I will show today is from the sale @ simbiosisbyjulia. Her pouches are so cute and well made, and really tick into the kawaii-cuteness of Japanese goodies. I had ordered three pouches, and they are adorable.

The first is miss. deer, a pink deer on a medium size pouch that gets her cherries from a lovely, blue bird. The medium pouch is just a tad bigger than the small pouch, but not too much.

Sweet miss deer with her long eyelashes and flowers (oh, and did you see that cute blue scarf?)

I think that Kathy from lotuspalace also said something about the wonderful lining of their work. I love this finish....It makes it look really professional.

I also received these sealife erasers as a freebie...It really reminds me of kindergarden!

This design is a bit more sophisticated, but still incredibly cute! I love the nature design and misses chicken as such model-like (aka skinny) flaunt it...chicky!

Our darling ladybird...also flaunting her thin legs...

And lastly, the hooded bunny...I love this character.

I also appreciated this letter as a part of the customer service. However, I loved the haul, quality and service, so I am a happy camper!

TheNebulousKingdom is one of those shops from the French Anne-Julie, that has achieved national cult status on the Dutch blogs. Every now and then she converts her cute art into beautiful jewellery, but they sell sooo fast.

I had bought a necklace, although it is not as sophisticated as some of her works, I still loved the raven-haired lady.

I could not find the picture of the mirror I had bought, but it is this one:

Dreamy and sweet in lilac colours...
I love how she decorated her envelopes. This inspires me to buy deco tape as well.

From Argentina came another lovely drawing of a girl...This time I ordered a brooch from Munieca. She is called 'Lady Butterfly in Love'...Another girl with the butterfly theme...

I love her red/pink hair. I think I could use it as a necklace as well.
That was my bit of etsy-mania this week.
Ps: have a gorgeous weekend

Thursday, 25 June 2009


My sister-in-law is going to celebrate her birthday this saturday. What a good excuse to buy something online for the happy birthday gal!

I went for a very expensive perfume, La Prairi Silver Rain, because she ADORES that perfume. Anndd, I thought I would buy another decadent pressie as well...To keep it French, sophisticated and a bit decadent I went to order some delicous macarones....ahhh...

That is the box with a large quantity of these babies. I was not too measly to buy a small package of Macarones myself...he he, someone should test them, shouldn't I?

The brown one taste very chocolaty, but it is made from real Belgian chocolate (I also ordered it in from Belgium) and soooo tasteful. The pink one is so fresh and creamy...with a raspberry mouse.
Ha ha, I hope I didn't make you hungry ;D

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Jill Stuart Eye Jelly in 10 Vintage Decor

Midweek wonders:

It is time for a makeup and swatch related post, before I will bomb you with more Etsy goodies. I admit that I haven't pidginholed my blog as a makeup-only blog (my subtitle= stylish items in life) but I do not want to dissapoint the makeup-crowd...teehee, and I love makeup myself as well.

I have finally caved into the Jill Stuart hype of the Eye Jelly. I have read various reviews that were either enthousiastic about the staying power and colours, or warned me about the high amount of sparkle. When I saw that Jill Stuart had released a taupe/grey-esque colour I was willing to take the plunge and judge myself if I would like it, or not.

I'd ordered it on, as gooddealer often has the best JS deals. It pays off to do a bit of research before going gaga on shopping.

Speaking of going gaga... I always adore the packaging of Jill Stuart, even though I haven't had much luck with most of their items. They still know how to wow a girl with the princessy and luxe style.

Jelly Gel-like gooey texture...It looks like Jello gone DDDAAARK and glittery...(Gothic Jello, anyone?)

The beautiful top....

El swatcho: Ok, it is glittery indeed. I have been wearing it to the garden-center this friday, but it is probably more suitable for a more sparkling venue, such as the party I will attend soon. It is indeed gaga as Lady Ga Ga on tour...Flashy, bold and (to me a bit) OTT.

However, I loved the texture and how it felt and looked on my eyes. My eyelids are stubborn things that decided to become crepey before reaching the crepe-appropriate age...boohoo. That means that not all eyeshadows and eyeshadow-primers look flattering on my.

This, although bold, was behaving wonderfully on my lids. Kudos for that, Jill Stuart, I only could wish for a more mature line of colours with a tad less glitterati.

Monday, 22 June 2009

The GRANDE WINNER...of the midsummer giveaway...

Wow, I have been enjoying the various stories of summer-memories with much gusto. I found that most memories of summer are often shared with loved ones, whether they are lovers, friends, schoolmates or family.

I want to thank all of the commenters for sharing these feel-good memories. I will share my most beloved summer memory soon as well...and yes, it has all the elements of friends, a special someone (ooooh) and a fantastic place in it...

But now!!!! The GRANDE WINNER... Ruthless but honest decided: (drumrolllllll)

NO 14: Lumy!!!!

Awesome...I will mail you asap, so keep an eye on your mailbox and spambox.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

the non-etsy ( order

Sunday sunday, it is the beginning of the summer for plenty of countries on the Northen Hemisphere. Brasil, Australia and South Africa, for instance, are planning their winter now.

Anyway, have a splendid new season of joy and happiness!!!

I have been a bit under the weather lately. Lacklustre and tired, or just blah...So that explains my lack of reviews on this blog. I did not want to leave my readers alone, so I organised the Midsummer giveaway...I hope you appreciate the contest. (ends tomorrow at 1 pm GMT +1, so scribble down your fave summer memory and win a couple of fab goodies for free). has been receiving lots of love lately, but there are other fab craft-n-buy communities as well. I have been buying and receiving my first order: my lacklustre mind needed some new teas that would (hopefully) magically inspire my mind and body, or just confort me...I had read some raves about Liberteas on the Chocolate Rose tea on the teareviewblog, and I could not imagine anything more soothing than the idea of sipping warm chocolate-flavoured drink, without the dreadful calories. After all, a period of feeling under-the-weather should not result in extra pounds on the hips, I believe.

Back to Liberteas: I have ordered the sample set of three teas, that is the infamous Chocolate Romance Tea, the Momoko Melon tea and the La Vert Pear. I received a sample in Earl Grey Cream.

I love the packaging of the mini tins. Those will be really handy for stashing up makeup when I finish the teas. Gorgeous, glossy black tins.

As for the teas...taste is a personal thing, but I love their Chocolate Romance tea. It has been the most authentic, chocolate-flavoured tea I have tasted so far. The Melon tea is wonderful for summer, so that is one for a larger size as well. The Pear tea is nice, as you do not taste the, sometimes herbally, taste of the green tea leaves.

The seller was wonderful. She made a special listing for me and my shipping options. We have mailed various times to get the communication and the order right. Kudo's for her.

I will probably return to liberteas and for my next order. However, I have quite some teas to finish right now...sooo...sipping away this sunday!

Friday, 19 June 2009

CLOSED: Mid-Summer giveaway

The beginning of the summer (for the Northen hemisphere) is almost there. To celebrate this I would like to do a Midsummer giveaway.

The price:

I have selected seven various items for the lucky winner. If you win, you will receive:
  1. New Alice in Wonderland business-card book (also handy for creditcards) by ART DECO 7321
  2. Brand New Banila Co. The Mineral Suprise Serum (one of lotuspalace faves)
  3. Lioele Blooming Cushion Touch Blusher in 02 Cutie Peach
  4. B&C Celeblous Gelina Cheek in Naked Skin
  5. New E.L.F. Nail polish in 1545 Royal Purple
  6. New Banila Co. de la Couture Face Blusher
  7. Two set of Cathy Cat Mosit essential skin softener toner and moisturizing emulsion in travel sizes

I will toss in some other valuable thingies in your winner's package as well.

The rules:

  1. become a follower of my blog if you aren't yet
  2. In your comment I would like to know what your fondest and most treasured summer related memory is. Or, what is the item (drink, food, piece of clothing) that triggers the summer mood for you?
  3. Contest ends on Monday, June 22th 2009, 1 PM (my time, GMT +1)
  4. Winner will be announced in a new post after random selection by
  5. Please contact me with 3 days to claim your prize or another winner will be selected!
  6. Prize will be shipped by airmail WORLDWIDE within 3 business days after winner contacts me!

I am looking forward to your happy summer memories in the comments! Good luck and I hope you will have fun participating!!!!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Tagged by Innerchild: Adorable Blog Award

Hey, how much fun. The dearest Innerchild tagged me last week for this sweet Adorable Blog Award.

The Adorable Blog Award
The Adorable Blog Award Rules:
  • Include the award logo in your blog or post.
  • Nominate as many blogs which you like.
  • Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
  • Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
  • Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I am glad that the rules are simple...he he! I love just being adorable, blog loves being adorable without doing that many things for it ;p

I have limited myself to three blogs I will nominate. When I think of adorable, I think of Japanese magazines...When I think of Japanese Magazines, I think of the grande lemming creator and poster of cute GWP with these magazines: Makeupstash!

My second nominee is probably not the person or blog to be wanted to called adorable...he he, so I will be a bit of a tease to nominate her. I think her blog is still adorable, even though she has this tough-as-nails attitude every now and then: Yasumi from nothingbutacardboardgirl:

The third nominee is really adorable and her blog radiates adorability as well. Her videos are cute and helpful and her posts often are lemming creators: *~ning*star House of Collection~*

Those are my nominees...I could go on and on with a huge list, but I will keep it short and adorable today....

Sunday, 14 June 2009

London Love...

Holy Cow, My favourite Londoner wuffs me a tiny little bit! The delightful Yasumi, or by herself nicknamed Old Cow, has been suprising me with some blush-love, lipgloss-passion and mask-marvels!

Those awesome cases with the ultra-cute rocking horses are from the Korean Brand Beautycredit. I have already seen some rave reviews of their products, but haven't been able to dive into Beautycredit myself.

Yasumi has a sixth sense for knowing what her blogger friends want...really! She was so fantastic to send me their cult-blush in PK02 Peach Girl and a ultra-summery lipgloss 03 or Peach.

Such sexay summer colours...I have such a thing for everything coral when the summer arrives. I used to deep-sea dive as a hobby, and have been such a lucky b&#% to being able to dive in the Caribbean as well. I always love being reminded of real coral and sealife nature.

The close-up of my latest blush. Look at the cute rocking horse...awww.

I had to swatch it for you. And wow, it looks like everything I wanted from Nars Orgasm. It is glowy, but not glittery. It has the right amount of warm and cool tones. It is a perfect peach for me.

Yasumi, you rock even more than the rockin' horse of Beautycredit! Thank you sooooo much...

Friday, 12 June 2009

Etsy playtime

The last two weeks I have been Etsy obsessed...I think the craze started with Lotuspalace and all her haul posts... (here, she is the queen of hauls, I am just a mere subject). I bought some things that nourish the child in read on.

My bunny is so funny:

I also was so enamorated with the brushroll I bought from Yumeko that I had the huge craving to buy Kawaii Japanese fabrics.

Meet My Melody bunny in its hoodie. I bought four pieces of fabric from seller beautifulwork on Etsy. I have no idea what to make of it, because I am not very handy with sewing machines.

I also bought something linked to Alice in Wonderland. On the bottom you see a piece of it. It is predominantly white, so it would be wonderful if I manage to make a cute item out of it before the party.


I have a huge list of favourites listed at my Etsy account. I started to notice that the shampoo creams of GudoyanaToo were always selling like hotcakes. I read some of the reviews, and they sounded really good.

I bought some Citrus Blast shampoo, which comes like a creamy, pasty concoction. The fun thing, which is actually very helpful with cleansing the hair, is that there is salt in the shampoo. It reminds me like a Tequilla or Margarita sassy and decadent for the Summer spirit.

So far, I am very positive about this shampoo. I have a sensitive scalp, but the salt and fragance does not upset my hair (so far). Moreover, for a SLS-free shampoo there is tons of sudsy lather, which makes me feel so fresh.

I still have to judge if it my hair loves it on the long run. Right now I love the ritual of washing my hair with this margarita-esque concoction.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall:

I did a search for fairies and fairytale on Etsy and stumbled on pinkytoast's shop.
Her girls are so wonderful: they are both sugary cute as a bit of frightening in a murky, moody way. I love this contradiction and she made some wonderful artworks.

I might seem like a freak, but I loved this picture of a girl sitting on the toilet. I have no idea why, because I have no toilet fetish. I kind of liked of the idea of a taboo topic, the cuteness of the sugary pink colour and the Unicorn of the girl.

I received a free mushroom button...So cute and playful...I love it!

So, that was my bit of Etsy...I hope I haven't enabled you too much...;D

Roses are red...or Maroon..

Cynthia, when you come walkin'by
you're an inspirin' sight
Cynthia, you don't smile or say "hi"
but baby that's alright'
Cause I don't need to hold you
or taste your kiss
I just like knowin' Cynthia, you exist at all
in a world like this
Cynthia, when you pass it seems
like this whole town drops
Cynthia, maybe it's just me babe
Some fool stuck here watchin' the clock
Well, you give us a reason to start whisper "why"
To stop singin', baby, and salute your style
Yeah Cynthia

(Cynthia by Bruce Springsteen)

Let me introduce you to my Cynthia...a whimsical and stunning piece of jewellery made by the artistic Aileen from

I spotted this beauty on her jewellery blogsite, and I was completely enchanted by the colour of the rose, the dainty pearls and the Victorian-inspired ladylike-ness of the necklace.

Screenshot of

That was not all: Aileen mailed me a envelope full of lovely extras...Finnish candy, a mystery package....

And matching earrings! That is really handy because I am such a faux-matcher. I have the ability to throw on things at random. I am glad that kind of style is in fashion now, but I also like to have a matching set of earrings that can accompany the loveliness of the necklace.

Mmm, the small white package contained a Finnish soap...

Aileen, thank you so much. Your necklace is gorgeous and it looks fantastic on. I would wear it to a wedding or another romantic event anytime. I think it looks gorgeous on in common settings as well.

♥♥♥ Overall, a real BirkinBagBeauty-piece that I love ♥♥♥

Monday, 8 June 2009

Japanese Mag scans: Spring June 2009

Hey everyone,
First I want to thank the people who left such wonderful and supporting comments in the last post. I received the apology and the issue has been discussed and resolved.

I want to post a couple of scans of my second Japanese magazine: the Spring June 2009 issue. I bought it for this reason:

A very elegant and beautifully decorated Jill Stuart cosmetic bag that came a a GWP! Spring is not available in the Japanese bookshop in the Netherlands, but I ordered it on ebay and it really arrived so quickly. Fab!

The model in the magazine is demonstrating the bag, and you can see how the print corresponds with other Jill Stuart fashion...

I would love to get my hands on the tote she is wearing on the bottom of the page.

So I actually bought it for the GWP, but I really loved the content of the magazine as well. There has been such a couple of amazing beauty-pages included that I really want to share them with you.

The top of the page shows some easy and light application of makeup. The bottom has some prepping/priming tips for base makeup.

I love this page, especially the lipliner instructions on the bottom:

Some of the cartoon-esqe pictures are downright funny and very instructive for absolute dummies like me who do not speak any Japanese: LOL, look at that clown-mouth being shown:

This cartoon obviously shows a girl with desert-dry skin...The solution, according to the magazine, a hydrating sheet...

Eyeshadow and lipgloss tips:

More gorgeous makeup instructions:

These seem like blotting tips, or how to handle oil-shine during the day:

I really enjoyed the fashion part of the magazine as well. Spring seems to target on the twentysomething market who likes to wear Topshop, Forever 21 and H&M. At least, they featured a special page on each of these shops, and some of their fashion. I really like Topshop, I would love H&M if it was not so unoriginal (H&M makes lovely, cheap fashion, but you can find almost everybody in H&M in my country nowadays, so the novelty and originality factor is not so very high when wearing H&M). As for Forever 21, I ordered from them once, and I liked some of the items, but the shipping was ridiculously high...which 'took the cheap out of the deal'.

The magazine also has a feature of 'what is in the bag' of some fashionable girls. I always love peaking into bags of people...he he, to see what their HG items are.

The girl I put a circle around reminded me of Cheryl of Lost in Beauty:

This spread was my absolute favourite. It really has a hippy-esque, relaxed vibe. The setting is so ordinary but the model is really radiant in the car-park.

One last scan, before your computer becomes too slow of uploading all the pictures of my blog ;P

Now I want the Spring July issue as well. Makeupstash blogged about the new GWP, which is my childhood hero Snoopy on a I want.. I want.. I want....